Nine months later: What really, is Qanon?

Yesterday, I happened to get into two conversations with liberal locals here in this Democratic university town, conversations that I normally manage to avoid. What’s the use of talking with these people? It’s as if we live in two different worlds.

I too, used to be a liberal. But all that changed, and I’m not even sure when. All I know is that I’ve been red-pilled, and so mum’s the word around most others. But I wasn’t the one who brought the subject up! They were! Okay, so, gulp, here’s what I really think.

I’ll never forget seeing the face of one woman — a crone like me, acid-tongued and very very bright — when she asked, having just read come across mainstream articles on Qanon, “Do you really think that Hillary Clinton is a pedophile?” And I answered, “Oh yes, and much much worse.” That was the moment when time stopped. Her face froze. I could see her inside, wrestling with herself. “Is Ann crazy? Ann must be crazy.” Hillary was still her hero. But, thanks to Q, she had read something that very day that made her ask the question.

All this followed the Tampa Florida Trump rally, when the phenomenon of Qanon suddenly rose from the bowels of the internet where it’s been surreptitiously magnetizing a larger and larger deplorable audience to sudden prominence. I’ve been aware of Qanon almost since the beginning, back at the end of October 2017. And have always been of two minds about it, whether it’s a psy-op that helps us thread our way through the turbulent maelstrom of conflicting news currents, or a psy-op that hurts, by capturing and diverting our attention in a certain direction (out of an infinity of possibilities) and leading us astray. In any case, Q does appear as a brilliant, strategic psy-op (psychological operation), designed to capture people’s attention with enigmatic questions, riddles and “breadcrumbs” that appear to be issuing from the mouth of some person or persons close to the President, most likely military intelligence, and making the audience think, do research, investigate this or that rabbit hole.

Especially now, when it has just been discovered that every single Q drop (there are over 1700 of them) appears to be associated with a certain book. Wow! Does this mean people are going to start reading books again? Actual printed books? I hadn’t thought of Q as a phenomenon that also turned back the clock!

Interesting that Q appears to have surfaced in the mainstream exactly nine months after its conception, thanks to Q followers getting their photos at the Tampa Florida rally, stimulating that huge rollout of MSM news about Qanon, all apparently following their usual spoonfed 4 AM talking points, by both announcing and deriding Q as some version of deranged conspiracy.


See this for pics of the rally and lists of MSM articles all about Q, supplied by Q.

Q Anon Anon

That they would all pounce on Q makes me tend to “be-LIE-ve” Q! On the other hand, here’s an apparently anarchist blogger who finds in Q a psy-op that hurts rather than helps, designed by the Deep State to keep people deluded and needy of both government and an authoritarian savior leader.

I go both ways: towards seeing Q as a brilliant original news stream designed to make people think for themselves and as a gigantic trolling device designed to keep people looking one way while who knows what is going on elsewhere.

To me, the most important take away from the entire Q phenomenon is to keep an open mind, and if possible, stretch that mind even further open! Of course that’s the hardest thing of all, that letting go of security in the name of certainty, in this chaotic, apparently climactic time when “If only I could figure out what is really happening then I would be happy.” Oh? That may be the biggest psy-op of all.

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2 Responses to Nine months later: What really, is Qanon?

  1. FANTASTIC article, Ann! I am so very happy to see someone as sensible and enlightened as you on the Q train.

    This is the most brilliant strategy that could have possibly been unveiled to red pill the masses. By doing FACTUAL research people can either WAKE UP or SLEEP uncomfortably. Either way they are not who they were before Q. Right now the estimates are 350 MILLION worldwide are visiting the Q boards each month.

    Will post this Monday on Shift Frequency. Thank you!

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