Alt-Epistemology 101: Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out . . . SURPRISE!

Well, not that I thought I’d figured it all out, but I did think I kind of had a somewhat foggy view of the terrain I had singled out as “important.” But of course I did not. I offer  SURPRISE on two levels, one down home, here in Green Acres Permaculture Village, the other out there,  in the internet ethers. Both surprises emerge from below, and have a Plutonian feel to them. As do all the juiciest surprises. And both remind me that whatever I think I know, I know NOTHING! It’s always springing through anew, this natural, magical universe of ours, if only we would pause long enough to push into the infinite space that opens between whatever outlines we have created to pretend to map it.


I had no idea. Have they always been there? I don’t recall them blooming in other summers. Did they? Do they propagate on their own? From what I read, I don’t think so. But how then, did they get there? I know damn well I didn’t plant them as bulbs. Perhaps the last person who lived here did, and they have lain dormant all this time, 15 years, waiting for the next late summer that offered just the exact mixture of rain, sun, shade, and warmth? Whatever is the “reason,” this year I see them all over town, usually in great, exuberant masses, and I do not remember seeing them ever before. Here they are in our Overhill front yard.

Up in the Ethers: QAnon entries point to specific BOOKS!

This may be the most fascinating phenomenon I’ve ever read about Qanon. And offers the “Great Awakening” anons now beginning to dominate Trump rallies a whole new library of rabbit holes to research.

Image: Washington Post

Even the Washington Post has been forced to notice the Q phenomenon, and of course, labeled it “A Deranged Conspiracy Cult.”

Here’s the reference. Thanks to Laura Bruno, who offers perspective of her own that dovetails with what she is learning about Q.




What a rich treasure trove for investigation! And to think that this book layer appears to have existed, underneath the obvious (well, no; rather, underneath the enigmatic) ever since October 28, 2017, when Q began to thrust his (her? their?) way into We the People’s imagination, asking us to keep our eye on the ball, over and over again, and now gifting us with a surprising variety of meaty tomes to sink our teeth into.

QAnon Decoded — EVERY Trip Code and UserId Used by QAnon Points to a Book

Here’s Jordan Sather’s decode of this decode.

The point of this post is, don’t ever think you’ve figured it out, because there’s always more, much more, and it’s liable to — SURPRISE! — destroy whatever frame you’ve tried like hell to nail around all the wriggling “data.”

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7 Responses to Alt-Epistemology 101: Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out . . . SURPRISE!

  1. Anthony says:

    Hi Ann,

    I saw that about “Q” referencing books, and looking at the list does show some VERY interesting titles! I do personally think a “truth tsunami” is forthcoming, and even an outing of the pedophile scourge; perhaps even resulting in some very high-level people (and former presidents!) going to jail.

    What concerns me though is that the elite have a history of sacrificing an arm to save the body. In fact, they have done this each and every time there has been a change of the reserve currency. Some of the people they have propped up only to throw to the wolves afterwards are guys by the name of Napoleon, Trotsky, Hitler, Mussolini etc. – all people that at one time received funds from international bankers to consolidate their control.

    So, I am glad to see this list of books and material that Q references. I mean, books on electromagnetism even!! Free energy, maybe? But I will be watching those who lead the coming purge very closely. The elite may be letting us out of the barn and giving us some fresh grass, but I won’t rest until I have wire cutters in hand so I can escape the pasture!!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Exactly. Ever watchful!

      • Yes … VERY cautiously optimistic.

        Meanwhile, those lilies are gorgeous! Faeries or the squirrel relocation program?!

        Anthony … magic works MUCH better than wire cutters. Use the wire cutters to make jewelry and give some to the faeries. I just got an update on what’s happening to/with the developer since I created a crystal and orgone grid over a map and specifically asked a Faery helper to shine a light on any nefarious doings. Truth tsunami in our Township and entire area. LOL!

        It’s polite to give people a chance to behave themselves in an honorable manner, but when they don’t, you always have options. Never forget that. Some of those options are like those lilies. Surprise beauty and poetic justice!

        • Anthony says:

          Yeah, you’re right. I skipped right past the lilies and went to the second part of Ann’s post. I forget how integrated everything is, and how such simple beauty can reflect the greater reality. And the flowers were the original reason I visited your site, Ann!!

          Now: had they been tulips, I would have written a treatise on how they were the original “Bitcoin” financial bubbl-


          (a hand grabs Anthony around the mouth and pulls him off stage…)

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