ASTROLOGY: Trump, Melania, Putin, and Mother Earth

Note: This is likely to be the first of several astrology posts comparing Trump with Putin.

I have been pondering Trump’s billionaire capitalist status, how it seems to isolate him so completely from Mother Earth’s energy; so that his vision of what is needed for humanity to survive and thrive is limited to attempting to resurrect what has gone before! — industrialization, corporatization — only more of it! I.e., Make America Great Again, but bigger, better, even more materialistic, and utterly, irrevocably poisoned — soil, water, and air. And this, despite increasing human awareness that we are living on a finite planet with finite resources! Yet Trump’s not stupid. He must realize that, unless we do bring online — and soon! — known, but yet hidden and forbidden, Tesla-esque non-polluting and regenerative sources of energy (the kind his uncle’s friend Nicola invented), then rapacious capitalism itself will guarantee the planet’s eventual — or soon, and/or sudden — ecosystem collapse.

They say that we humans aren’t motivated to save Mother Earth until and unless we fall in love with Her. And that means, re-connect with Her. Re-member our instinctive, bodily communion with and dependence upon Her. I agree. It’s not surprising that those who are active in the environmental movement are those who usually also value precious memories of their forays into wild nature.

Rather than seeing through the shiny scrim of human-made objects, networks, and languages, both visible and invisible, that slowly and inexorably thickened into what we now call the Matrix of western civilization, Trump, as a typical product of this culture, seems split between mind and body, and does not remember his own and every human being’s physical and emotional connection to the mysterious energy of Mother Earth. Thus, he just keeps on intending, projecting, and doing what he already knows, mentally: his grand — and I would even say heroic, large enough to tax and test even his enormous internal resources —  multilayered task of reconfiguring the geopolitical structures of this civilization to make sure that America comes out independent, and hopefully, ahead, rather than dragged down and dissolved into the long-planned, and nearly attained, so-called, New World Order.

While I applaud Trump’s anti-globalist stance, I am greatly disheartened by his disturbing lack of visionary capacity to see beyond capitalism. I am saddened, for all of us, that he does not seem to notice the near identity of globalism with corporatism and capitalism, all three interlacing into top-down pyramidal structures that favor the few over the many.

Let us remember: Where there is no vision, the people perish.

Thus, I cannot help but keep on saying, both on this blog and in person to others: If Trump would only take mushrooms (or ayahuasca, or some other plant intelligence) and walk barefoot in the forest.  Yes, said one facebook commenter, and have his security detail do it with him, so they’ll know what he’s going through. Yes!

And here’s the good news:  Trump’s Midheaven is 24° 21 Taurus, so this most fixed and earthy Taurus energy is what he’s aiming for; it’s actually his life path! — though he doesn’t seem to recognize it — yet.


Instead, he projects that Taurean need of his own onto his wife, Melania, whom he talks about as his “rock,” and who has four planets in steady, steadfast, determined, stubborn, loyal Taurus, the most earthy earth sign, including her Sun/Saturn, Mercury and Venus, the latter two of which straddle her husband’s Taurus Midheaven.


Though we do not know her birthtime, and so cannot say where her Ascendant is, nor how her planets are placed in houses, let us notice that her mostly silent, watchful, elegant Taurus presence, like a mysterious jeweled rock in the midst of continuous swirling global controversy and vitriol that he stirs up, astonishes us all. No wonder this photo went viral:

Yahoo Malasia news


Notice, in Trump’s chart, that his Leo Mars/Ascendant exactly squares his Taurus Midheaven (and thus, her Venus/Mercury). I imagine a continuous and immense struggle between them (and between these two parts of himself, with Leo much the stronger, and for her, the Taurus extremely strong). Luckily, this Leo/Taurus standoff both offsets and harmoniously fuels a sextile of her Venus/Mercury to his Venus/Saturn in family-loving Cancer. Her role is to continuously focus on grounding (despite her high heels!) and structuring (Capricorn Moon) herself, and him, and them, in the midst of his eternal, seemingly egomaniacal power plays over and/or serious, yet wizardly play with all his partners and foes. If he’s the baby, then she’s the playpen that hold his soft Cancer mattress.

I saw somewhere that Trump, except for the reported 12 diet cokes a day (somehow I doubt it), is eating more healthfully, now that he is president, and I imagine that, if so, that’s her doing. But he still doesn’t exercise; doesn’t believe in it, I hear. Thinks that every person is given only so many breaths, so why speed up death with exercise? Furthermore, I hear that he only needs  four or five hours sleep at night.

On the other hand, he doesn’t drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes (or anything else), or even drink coffee or tea. After seeing an older brother die from alcoholism, he decided never to touch the stuff. That alone shows his long-range vision and focus as a young man, and has probably added years to his life.

Even so, truly, Trump must be an ubermensch, a real live Superman, to have lived already so long without collapsing, given the way he seems to ignore his body’s needs for rest, nutrition, and exercise. I have to laugh at this Trumpism:

He’s not worried, either. “All my friends who work out all the time, they’re going for knee replacements, hip replacements — they’re a disaster,” he has said.

Contrast Trump way of being, lording it over his domain without noticing his body, with Vladimir Putin’s way of being: he guides a country over twice the size of the United States, and yet he also focuses on what is right here at hand, his own body. Putin both holds a (very rare) black belt in judo and also practices karate.

Putin’s Jupiter (his value system) is in Taurus, close to Trump’s Midheaven and Melania’s Mercury/Venus. Putin is fully alive inside his body: a martial artist since he was eight years old, his body both moves lightly and with flexibility and yet feels centered and grounded. Even though he shares Trump’s capitalist mentality to some extent, Putin has seen through the matrix to the living Earth below. He has declared there is to be no GMO in Russia, and he is gearing up his country to be the largest exporter of organic food in the world. Assuming he’s not thinking of organics as monoculture agrobusiness, then that’s the kind of vision I can appreciate! Hopefully, Putin will influence Trump in this direction.

Given that Putin’s Mars sits at 26° of philosophical Sagittarius, conjunct the Galactic Center, I wouldn’t be surprised if he does influence Trump in this direction, since Putin’s Mars happens to be conjunct Trump’s Moon, and opposes Trump’s Sun/Uranus. They share the Sagittarian searcher’s need to summon overall perspectives, and, given their composite chart, which has Sun/Pluto closely conjunct in Leo (see this), if what seems to be divine protection over both of these men continues, then despite increasingly hostile and dangerous Deep State confrontation, whatever they jointly decide is necessary to “save the world,” may indeed come true.


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4 Responses to ASTROLOGY: Trump, Melania, Putin, and Mother Earth

  1. Kieron says:

    A lot to ponder. I know the Soviets banned microwaves early on when their scientists realized the damage those things do to living things (including water as Dr Emoto later showed), and the Soviet Union has long accepted or used “alternative” medicine or methods of healing, among other things that were sneered at in the West until recently. As for Putin, I can’t help but notice the echo of the name Rasputin. Coincidence or clue? And as for the recent sabre rattling toward Iran by Trump, well I read somewhere (long ago when hunting for clues about this curious stuff, long before anyone else I knew) that Iran is divinely protected by its own guardians, even as its neighbors went under. Note also that Iran, like North Korea, and Cuba, *still* does not have a central bank. Iraq, Libya and Sudan also held out against central banks for a long while. Look what happened to them, not that long ago. Curiouser and curiouser!

  2. Super!! Thank you! I think I would like to hear more about the “deep state”. It’s a buzz word among Trumpists and Fox News. Who are they? What’s the evidence? It means they work outside the governmental system to undermine it for their own ends. What are those ends? How does globalism differ from corporatism and monopoly capitalism?
    Globalism and deep state get thrown around a lot, like bugaboos. I would love a clear analyses, if not by you then someone who is not in the pocket of Fox or similar.
    Thanks again for really good stuff, Ann. Let’s all take the again mushrooms soon!!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      The phrase, “Deep State,” was coined by Peter Dale Scott, a professor of English at Berkeley and investigator of what he has called, for a long time, “deep politics.” Not sure how he confines the phrase, deep state, but I sense he’s referring to a small group of people who sit on each other’s corporate boards, and who control everything at the top of some kind of hierarchal order. Others have broadened the phrase to refer to that aspect of government that continues on, underneath elections that bring people in and out. In other words, deep state as the bureaucracy of people who want to hold on to their jobs and position and so, keep everything the same, no matter who is in power, and how pernicious existing laws and programs. Some people make a distinction between “deep state” and “shadow government,” and I imagine there are several ways this distinction is parsed. Anyway, the phrase deep state entered the vernacular in a big way only recently, not sure when. Scott’s book, The American Deep State: Wall Street, Big Oil, and the attack on Democracy” was published in 2014.

      Globalism refers to a plan to create a New World Order and have it locked in place by 2021, and/or 2030. It involves multilateral trade deals that take power away from localities, dissolving all national borders and setting up a centralized world government that would make decisions, even for local areas, on a top-down basis. Rather like the EU has tried to do with European states. That was supposed to be the first step in the direction of the NWO, except that with Brexit, and earlier, with Greece (where central bankers robbed Greece of its treasures), and now Italy, the EU seems to be failing. Another step in the direction of the NWO, would dissolve the borders between Canada and the U.S. and Mexico. Obviously, refugee flows are great for both destabilizing countries and blending everybody together, even when they don’t want to be. Refugees fell from war-torn countries that our Deep State Military has destabilized to make room for transnational corporations to come in and offer loans for infrastructure projects that can’t be paid back. Please read Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, and Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hitman, for primers. I agree with you, as I said in that article, the the words globalism, corporatism, and capitalism, all blend together, and the main function of all of them is to take away power at the individual, local, regional, and state levels, and hand it to a top-down structure of faceless bureaucrats who truly do want to turn us all into (at least economic) slaves for the .0001%. YUCK!

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