DJT and JFK Jr. (?!?) and Qanon: “The Failure and Redemption Plan”

Recall: Trump met Putin for the historic Helsinki Summit on the anniversary of JFK Jr.’s supposed fatal plane crash on July 20, 1999 into the ocean off Martha’s Vineyard.

And remember, the bodies were supposedly cremated, and the remains buried at sea.

(Hmmm. . . Reminds me of the supposed burial at sea of the supposed mastermind behind 9/11, Osama Bin Laden, after the Seal Team Six raid in Abbottabad, Afghanistan, many years after others say he died of kidney failure — and of the helicopter crash that, only months later, supposedly killed 17 Seal Team Six members. Dead men don’t talk.)

So a few days ago, I began to hear of a strange possibility: that JFK Jr. and companions had not died in the 1999 plane crash at sea. And a corollary, that JFK Jr. was Qanon! 

What? I dismissed both as preposterous conjectures, wishful thinking..

But then yesterday and today, two kauilapele posts:

Had seen this poster elsewhere, and was not duly impressed, until I saw today’s post, too.

Sleuthing a bit more, I came across this:

But if the above video is correct, then they foiled the Clinton/Deep State plan to get rid of JFK Jr, while letting them think that they did get rid of him, and giving us the clues we needed, but didn’t know it, via Qanon:

So yes, let’s DO “enjoy the show” — while remembering to keep our alt-epistemological glasses on!

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5 Responses to DJT and JFK Jr. (?!?) and Qanon: “The Failure and Redemption Plan”

  1. Fred Kolo says:

    One July night in 1999 I went down to the beach on the South Fork of Long Island. I live just a mile from that beach and often enjoy a night time walk by the surf. The South Fork of Long Island was once the same piece of land as Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. If you look at any map you can see they are all in a line, and they share weather patterns still. That night there was a light ground fog and no moon in the sky whatsoever. I also suspect a high cloud cover because when I got to the beach I found that it was so dark that I could not see the break line, or anything else–I couldn’t see my own had in front of my face. I could hear the surf but I could only see blackness. I found it so unnerving, scary really, that I returned to my car and drove home. It is the only time I ever had that experience on a beach which I have known for 30 years. It was July 20 and the morning papers had the news about John Kennedy’s plane going down. The record shows that he left late due to his passengers being late to the airport and that he was reluctant to depart but was convinced. I’m am certain that that plane went down because I experienced the conditions, and his destination only accommodated visual landings, and he was flying blind by the time darkness fell. He and I also used the same athletic facilities in NYC, and I knew his look very well. While the photo in the collage may be him, it is unrecognizable to me.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      You may be right. On the other hand, that flight may have been somehow staged. Notice how often “false flag” events happen now; remember that the supposed Gulf of Tonkin attack which set off of the Vietnam War turned out to be a lie; as were the supposed WMDs in Iraq that set off the second Iraq War. And what about the official story of the JFK assasination. What about the official story of 9/11? Much that we read in the mainstream press turns out to be propaganda.

  2. rose day says:

    Aside from claims that JFK Jr, et al . . . are alive and well; that a fair percentage of the populace is now familiar with the role that weather ‘anomalies’ can play in false flag events, this first-hand account of the SIGNIFICANTLY out-of-the-ordinary weather pattern on the evening in question actually adds credence to the claim that the circumstances of the crash may not have been exactly as reported by what may also have been (and continues to be?) a somewhat compromised mainstream media.

  3. Kyle says:

    I think we may find out tomorrow.

    • Cs Genovese says:

      “While the photo in the collage may be him…” I’ll cut the suspense…IT’S NOT HIM!!! There’s barely a resemblance.

      I’m from New York City (obvious with my last name) and I was at my desk following the search for the missing plane. First, I’m sorry, but there’s no such thing as flying blind. Instrument panels. And yes, I’m completely aware that the official story is one in which he was unable to properly read his instrument panel. However, a 4 year old can read the instruments that were required for JFK, jr to have not crashed in that manner.

      I can’t believe we live in a world where his grandfather was one of the most hated “liberals” on the planet. Viewed as a threat to the American capitalist economy. His uncle Joseph was killed in a plane the day before he was to return to the US during WWII. He was piloting one the “first” drones and before he could jump out the explosives detonated. Then his father and other uncle were assassinated and another uncle nearly was…but, yeah, his death was an accident or never happened at all.

      Oh, and there’s actually something else that, unless you were present in NYC at the time, you are unaware of. When they sent the submersible down to the wreckage it was actually aired live. For just a second and then it was never seen again. Why? because you could clearly see JFK, jr, his wife, and her sister dead in the plane. It’s burnt into my memory.

      So, to ever claim the crash did not happen and he’s living a double life as a Trump supporter is quite literally the definition of severe mental illness.

      Seek professional help, please.

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