Before and After: High drama vs. miniscule beauty

Fifteen years ago, I moved from a 20-foot diameter yurt in Teton County, Wyoming, to a suburban ranch house in Bloomington, Indiana, which I gradually, with others, have transformed into a three-home Green Acres Permaculture Village.

You might want to see this:

ESSAY: Visioning a Multidimensional Permaculture Paradigm

Life in the Tetons felt dramatic and intense, reflecting our surroundings, as this photo, which I found this morning on fb, demonstrates.

Life here in a midwest college town carved out of hilly woodlands in the state of InDiana (get it? In-DIANA, goddess of the woodlands) offers myriads of smaller, subtler pleasures, as this photo I took about a week ago, centering a sunflower inside a wild hugelkulture mound in front of my house, demonstrates.

And oh! But if you could but hear the songbirds that greet each new dawn!

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