Summit Backlash: Trump capitulates? Who are we, as individuals, as a nation?

The above? Tucker Carlson, editorial on Fox News, an MSM station that I used to hate. Now, there are certain pundits — Hannity, Pirro, and Carlson — who I sometimes do pick up on. It’s all part of the  180° turn I found myself taking, not sure when it began, but very definitely, I’m one who found myself nodding my head when viewing Brandon Straka’s video #WalkAway from the liberal left, which ended up going viral, starting what seems to be turning into a genuine movement.

Not that I’m now a raging conservative! On the other hand, it does seem to me that some conservatives, these days, are not nearly as buffoonish as most liberals, with the exception of now, when, with few exceptions, they all hate Trump for speaking with Putin.

Is this why he seemed to capitulate to the U.S. “Intelligence” agencies yesterday? Because he lost all support of the political class? He said that he had said “would,” when he should have said “wouldn’t.” Oh wow. Lionel Nation, for one, was horrified at his seeming bow down to the Deep State. But I have a sense that even this might be factored into what Q calls “The Plan.”

Meanwhile, there may even be some magic at work, or some kind of otherworldly juju. Check out the lights going out, not just when Trump seemed to capitulate, but on two other occasions, all related,  as told by RT, which of course, can’t possibly be trusted either, since it’s Russian.

In any case, speaking of Russia, I’m reminded once again, of way back when, during the time of Emma Goldman, a radical political activist who was hated by all and sundry. Legend has it that American parents, in order to scare their children, would say, “Better get to bed, or Red Emma will get you!

Has nothing changed? Are we still under the sway of mainstream talking heads programming, of deep state media propaganda, endlessly repeated?

Here’s a great little pedagogical video, very timely.


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