Two thoughtful reflections on the Helsinki Summit, plus Putin’s “interesting proposal”

Aside from predictable cries of “TREASON” by the more rabid Trump-haters of both parties, I’m grateful to two elders with decades of experience in U.S. politics, Ron Paul and Paul Craig Roberts, both of whom have their priorities clear, and these reside above and beyond the stupid little internicine battles that, thanks to Trump the Great Disruptor of the status quo, have ramped up to such intensity that, if words were daggers, this war would have already gone nuclear — exactly what both Trump and Putin are meeting to avoid.

Paul Craig Roberts: Two Views of the Putin/Trump Summit

One particularly delicious moment in the Press Conference finale yesterday, came when an MSM reporter stupidly asked the question that led to this set of answers.

(The entire video is worth watching, and the delicious moment begins at around minute 12:)

I imagine this little ploy was orchestrated by Trump and Putin as the piece de resistance of their Summit visit, the first of many, if the two are to have their way and not get assasinated by the Deep State that, no doubt, hates them both for messing with the decades long bought and paid-for MSM media brainwashing, its constantly trumpeted propaganda that requires an Enemy, namely Russia, Russia, Russia, in order to justify endless war spending to line the pockets of banksters and profiteers, including politicians, most of whom go arm in arm with arms manufacturers to the promised Armageddon that, had Hillary won, might have already burned us all alive.

Trump is right. It’s not Obama’s “global warming” that is the highest priority, it’s nuclear “warming” that’s the highest priority.


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4 Responses to Two thoughtful reflections on the Helsinki Summit, plus Putin’s “interesting proposal”

  1. I’ve been following Dark Journalist (Daniel Liszt) weekly for some months and his enlightening, in depth, heavily footnoted, very noticeably non-partisan coverage of his 18, 3-hour “X- Series” presentations. His most recent video “TRUMP TESLA & THE X-TECHNOLOGY SECRET!” puts everything surrounding President Trump into a new perspective: Deductive reasoning leads us to the real reasons behind the new “US Space Force” a Trump family legacy from uncle John and maintaining needed “X-Technologies” oversight by the Administration in charge… which ever party it happens to be. Daniel politely and without rancor, turns worlds upside down. Actually the most recent YouTube brings one up to date in case you don’t have 54-hours to spare watching the “X Series” from its beginning. Just try this one: , … you’ll love it.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I will check this out. Thanks, Rich! I’ve been aware of this DJ series, but the entirety of it just looked way too much for me.

  2. rose day says:

    It will be interesting to see just much of the presently awakened populace is gong to be losing sleep over MSM-engineered outcry regarding Donald Trump’s less than enthusiastic promotion of US Intelligence Services given on-going revelations regarding questionable integrity within US Intelligence Services and questionable surveillance of rank & file US citizens by US Intelligence Services.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes, and I wonder what exactly prompted his seeming retraction yesterday, re: trusting U.S. intelligence agencies.

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