More on Wilcock’s break with Gaia TV: Laura Eisenhower and Patty Greer

From what I read, it appears that Wilcock’s resignation letter did work, and they accepted his resignation, canceling what remained of his contract. Meanwhile, what is the culture at Gaia TV? As with my original post on this matter —

David Wilcock resigns from Gaia TV?

— I’m reminded of other situations where what begins, or appears to begin, as pure intent and then gradually or suddenly erodes or morphs into corruption. Or else the situation was corrupt from the beginning, if only we had managed to notice that the exact opposite was being broadcast via reversal! Case in point: Remember that ballsy google motto, “DO NO EVIL”? That struck me as exceedingly strange from the getgo.

(Oops! Friend and blogger Laura Bruno has just informed me that the motto was actually “DON’T BE EVIL,” and furthermore, that google has removed that clause from its code of conduct!)

On the other hand, I need to think of myself here too,  of occasions in the past when I was in relationship with a primary partner, really needy of his attention, and thoroughly enjoying our intimacy, when bam, sooner or later, usually sooner — though I didn’t want to read, feel, or heed the signs, so desperate was I for any kind of attention, so deep was the hole in me that I hoped this person could fill — he proved to be someone I could not trust. Period. And yet, always, it took time to remove myself from such situations. (Less and less time, the older I get!)

First, I simply can’t believe it; then I rationalize: that part’s true, but I’ll look the other way, cuz the rest is so good; then, the abuse or neglect — or sheer, bald, unethical, even psychopathic behavior towards not just me but others, stealing, lying, controlling, other types of manipulation etc. — becomes so very blatant that I simply can’t, in all good conscience, continue.

I have a sense that this is what happened with David Wilcock at Gaia TV.

The question for all of us remains: what in us magnetizes such situations to us? What corruption in ourselves are we learning to both recognize and integrate through the dramas we create with our projections? For the lesson remains: we learn about ourselves via  mirroring in our relationships with others, whether one on one, group, or institutional. All our dramas have the same plot, teaching us to recognize and transform a part of ourselves that until now, we were either ignorant of, or refused to see.

Yes, either we learn from our projections, or we are condemned to repeat ourselves endlessly, creating the same old pattern with each new person, group or institution we project onto — and then get disappointed or pissed when the drama doesn’t “work out” as expected. That’s the problem: our expectations! We try to control with our minds what happens on the outside, rather than listen and respond, moment by moment, to prompts from the inside.

It’s always the same, this dynamic dance between inside and outside and our learning how to hold the balance, and to realize that whatever happens outside, started inside. And that the universe provides us with exactly what we need to learn to both identify and to break, a certain repeating pattern that ultimately, no matter how exciting in the beginning, eventually squelches aliveness and inhibits growth.

At this point, I see all costs that arise from such tremendous lessons that the universe provides me with as tuition for these graduate courses we are engaged in here; we “wise ones” who think we know what we are doing! We don’t! And everytime we get snookered, we realize, once again, that the universe tossed us that particular curved ball, the one specific ball that would precisely magnetize us in order to learn, NOW, the machinations of a heretofore hidden part of ourselves.

And let’s face it: the older we become, if we are conscious, and determined to remain so, processing every experience to glean  meaning from it, then every encounter that teaches us will prove more and more subtle and exacting, targeting multiply dimensional entanglements. It doesn’t get easier, it gets harder!

On the other hand, our capacity for processing through whatever happens becomes more and more refined, lighter and lighter. Ultimately, we find ourselves playing, rather than crying; grateful for the lessons, and, frankly, simply astonished and grateful that this particular teacher, this “honorable opponent,” should have appeared NOW in our lives when he or she or they were so sorely needed.

By this time in my 75 years of life, my “life lessons” are post-doctoral! And I still have to pay my own tuition. Of course!

Here are two Sarah Westhall videos interviewing two dynamic and divinely feminine warrior women: Laura Eisenhower and Patty Greer, covering their perspectives on what went down with Wilcock, the culture of Gaia, and its nefarious plans, which, if true, then hopefully, will now be smashed to smithereens by the negative publicity.

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