Pluto’s Realm Shows Up Here EXACTLY on the New Moon Eclipse

See yesterday’s post:

Cancer New Moon Exactly Opposes Pluto Tonight

And today is Friday the 13th to boot!

So. Rebecca came by this morning and asked, “Did you see the hole in the DeKist 1 front yard?”


“Solan asked me this morning if I had noticed it. I had not.”

“Let me take a look,” I said.

Ye gods and goddesses! Look at this! Pluto’s underworld realm has manifested, complete with water. Solan noticed it a couple of days ago, but it’s not clear when it started. There’s quite a bit of undercutting of the top. In other words, maybe four or five times wider on the inside than the hole circumference outside, with water  at maybe five feet down.

Note trees framing blue sky reflected in the water, way below.

When I put a broom (witch’s broom: Friday the 13th!) handle down into the water, it kept going into the muck at least four feet, never reached a bottom.

I couldn’t believe it! Such an immediate uncanny personal manifestation of the Sun/Moon in watery Cancer opposite to underworld Pluto in structural Capricorn! I could almost imagine Pluto dragging Persephone  down there by her hair.

Now here’s what’s really weird. This uncanny New Moon/Pluto manifestation, coming within 12 hours of our warm and very family-like (Cancer) Community Dinner last night (more on that in a later post) —

— happens to have fallen with a few degrees of my own beneficient, fortunate Jupiter at 23° Cancer. So believe me, with such a powerful Plutonian New Moon I had been waiting to see what the 3D manifestation would look like.

And when I called son Colin this morning, asking him to come and give us his opinion, he too instantly had an intuitive hit that this Plutonian hole some kind of gift, or opportunity. Hmmm. What does it mean? Are we to work with nature to create a pond right there?

Amazing too, in terms of synchronicity, that the water bill for all three houses came yesterday, and there’s no real change any of them, nothing higher than usual. So it’s not a plumbing issue. Colin thinks maybe an old septic? But then at some point, he says we would hit concrete when we put the broom down there. Maybe the broom isn’t long enough, and underneath the three feet of muck there IS concrete? Or maybe not. Maybe it’s an actual sinkhole.

He’s going to come and check it on Sunday. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, we covered up the hole.


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8 Responses to Pluto’s Realm Shows Up Here EXACTLY on the New Moon Eclipse

  1. James Freeman says:

    You might consider roping off a circular area with some high visibility material (like yellow crime scene tape) ~6′ feet around the current perimeter of the hole (and expand it when/if the hole continues to expand).

    With the hole being undercut, you don’t want to risk someone getting too close and the edge collapsing under their weight (and tossing them unceremoniously down into the Plutonian muck)…

  2. Anthony says:

    Oh, cool!!! has an “Earth Changes” section where they list things like earthquakes, hurricanes, and sink holes. They do that because one of the tenets of the “Electric Universe” theory is that, if correct, as the sun enters solar minimum then the Lorentz force that powers the Earth’s rotation decreases, which results in the Earth expanding as it loses momentum, like an ice skater coming out of a spin. Hence, more volcanism; earthquakes, and sink holes.

    Ummm…just how far are you from the Madrid fault, per chance?


    …or, probably just a broken water or sewer pipe somewhere, as most of SOTT’s “sink holes” turn out to be 🙂

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      But the water bill has not changed. More to come! How close to New Madrid fault? I think we’re in the outer zone of it here.

  3. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    Pluto sent me a gift, too, this morning. I posted on Facebook:

    Had a very different beginning to my Friday. Walking up the drive between Radio-TV and Global-International Studies, I saw two hawks flying low. One was flying away from me, with a small bird sitting on its back. The other was incoming, towards a nearby tree, with something hanging from its claws. This one made it to the treetop. The first one circled round and joined it.

    Then a rabbit carcass fell from the tree and landed beside me with a dead splat.

    A co-worker and I both stared open mouthed at the carcass, and up at the tree. We could hear the hawks disputing in the tree: “You dropped our breakfast!” “You MADE me!”

    If I were starving in the wilderness, I’d call that Divine Intervention. On a university campus, maybe I’m reminded that Nature is about balance, but is not the least bit genteel. Or predictable.

    Or maybe, “With every blessing there is a death.” Or vice versa.

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