Cancer New Moon exactly opposes Pluto tonight!

At least here, in Bloomington, it will be tonight, July 12, 2018, at 10:48 p.m. EDT. The eastern hemisphere of Earth will also experience this Plutonian New Moon as a partial solar eclipse. For a few hours, these three planets will embrace/confront each other briefly, at 20-21° of Cancer/Capricorn: Sun/Moon in Cancer exactly opposes Pluto in Capricorn, where it has been trudging along since early 2008, gradually grinding down old, outmoded, traditional structures in the material world.

Since late December 2017, that pressure has increased, with Saturn also in Capricorn, where it will remain for three years. The two years 2019-2019 will most likely initiate the climax of the crumbling of the old world order, with not only governments and other old structures at many scales dissolving and/or reconfiguring, but most likely, world-wide financial systems that have invisibly held material forms in place, and have served as “currency,” the so-called life-blood currents that fuel civilization, evaporating into thin air. Then what? We might ask. Well, as I heard it said somewhere, who but Donald Trump has so much real-life experience with the Plutonian death/rebirth process of bankruptcy?

In any case, briefly opposing this slowly forming conjunction between Saturn and Pluto (Saturn, now at 4° Capricorn, will catch Pluto exactly for the first time in January 2020 at 21° Capricorn, with the run-up for one year prior to that) sits this New Moon in Cancer, the most soft, tender-hearted, nourishing, family oriented sign of the zodiac; the sign that naturally “opposes,” sits directly across from, hard-hearted, hard-headed, practical, get-‘er-done Capricorn. Interestingly enough, Trump’s natal chart has Saturn and Venus in Cancer, conjunct, at 23° and 25° of that sign. His sense of responsibility to his family is great; he loves his family; and his 11th house instinct as President to treat whoever he is with as “family” (whether discordant or otherwise) is on full display during these several days: at meetings with NATO and the EU, he fights with everyone, just like dysfunctional family members do; Trump’s a natural patriarch, his Mars/Ascendant in Leo striding in, taking charge and and speaking his truth (his Gemini Sun opposes truth-telling Sagittarian Moon). And always, it is his own geopolitical nuclear family (in this case, the U.S., and yes, it is indeed nuclear, and I doubt he has plans to denuclearize anytime soon) that holds his principal Cancerian loyalty.

The upcoming Putin/Trump summit is another matter. I will address this in another post.

Meanwhile, the other configuration of note, concerning the Sun/Moon/Pluto opposition, is the grand trine in water created with Neptune at 16° Pisces and widely, Jupiter, at 13°, which on July 10th turned to go direct after four months retrograde.  This grand trine formation with the Sun/Moon/Pluto opposition enlivens and lifts the thick, deep, swirling currents in the overall mood, despite Trump’s hard charging Plutonian attitude. I imagine Trump himself is very good at sensing the mood of any room before he opens his mouth. It also means that those who hear him may hate him, but they come away mesmerized just the same.

Jupiter’s newly direct motion germinates expansive tendencies again. However, many planets are still retrograde, notably Mars, now inside its somewhat rare two-month retrograde cycle. So don’t expect actual action. But do expect lots of maneuvering, reconsidering, repositioning, until August 27, when Mars turns to go direct, and will fully emerge from its retrograde shadow by mid-October.

Whatever is going on geopolitically, also operates in us and through us. We are all in this atmospheric soup together, all of us needing to slow down direct action; let us sink into the retrograde flow, using this time wisely to reconsider, ponder, reposition ourselves for action further ahead.

Meanwhile, this particular New Moon challenges us to rebirth ourselves (New Moon = new beginning) as empowered (Pluto) beings, here to protect ourselves and those we love (Sun/Moon in Cancer) by standing up to whatever or whoever threatens to overpower us (Pluto in Capricorn).

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