Three maddening, head-scratching posts . . .

. . . and all for different reasons.

The first, because it’s so damn true. I’m especially fascinated by what author Tom Englehart calls America’s second addiction, to Donald Trump: whether loving him or hating him, it’s still an addiction, a reactive emotional rabbit hole most people in this country fall into, and both pits are widening and deepening the divisions among us. And of course, we enjoy/endure (and make lottsa money off of) the other two addictions, to opioids and war, the twin flames of forgetfulness, ignorance and denial. We get addicted to opioids so we don’t have to feel our internal pain, a pain that is not just ours alone to feel. The entire world, all the world’s people’s, feel the horrific pain of destruction caused by America’s economic and spiritual addiction to unending war.

Overdosing in 20th Century America: Three Addictions

This next article, send to me by reader Rose, details the kinds of economic webs we weave when we have intent to deceive. About NXIVM, that weird name that signals, by this time, the underground sex slavery and branding that infests the body politic, both economic and spiritual, the number of “companies” NXIVM has apparently spawned to move money around simply astonishes.

Is NXIVM growing into the LARGEST TAX EVASION Scheme of our generation? 

And finally, the third article, which makes mincemeat of both the notions of free will and accountability, assumes collusion with the psychiatric profession, and will most likely drive most perps out of the supposed 40,000 indicted to move to California, where they can be cleared of all charges, no matter what.

Stealth Bill Sneaks in Radical Changes to California’s Criminal Justice System




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