Today’s crop circle features multidimensional stars within stars?

As of today, July 7, 2018, there have been 18 crop circles reported this year, with today’s crop circle one of the most spectacular ever:


Whereas the usual debate about the crop circle phenomenon has revolved around whether or not they are ET created or manmade (i.e., “fake,” “hoaxed”) — or, in Colin Andrews’ more nuanced version, created by humans/ETs working together — renowned crop circle filmmaker Patty Greer has an entirely other theory:

Crop Circles are produced by counter-rotating spinning plasma vortices coming out of the earth – Not from the sky! The spinning plasma vortices are layered with specific frequencies with distinct boundary conditions including earth frequencies, water frequencies, sometimes human consciousness frequencies (when people pray or meditate for a Crop Circle message), and sometimes ET frequencies, but not necessarily all of them in every formation. Crop Circles appear to be intentional pre-planned messages that are not accidental and certainly not all fake!”

Check out her website:

Along with David Wilcock, Patty claims that she has been screwed over by Gaia TV. See this:

Patty Greer on UFO Fraud and Suppression – Complete Interview*


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