David Wilcock resigns from Gaia TV?

I dwell in many seemingly disparate reality silos. Not everyone will appreciate the “news” in this post, but those who do will be all over it, flabbergasted. Why? Because David Wilcock, one of the bastions of the Consciousness and Disclosure movements, who for the last six years along with whistleblowers Corey Goode, Pete Peterson, and more recently, Emery Smith,  has “belonged” to Gaia TV via a contract he signed in return for a stable income.

I was already in bed last night when I listened to youarefree.tv read aloud Wilcock’s dramatic, long-winded, fascinating, in part self-flagellating, furious, stunned, supposed letter of resignation to Gaia’s administration that accuses Gaia of bullying, Satanism, making promises that they had no intention to keep, and holding back the entire corpus of his Cosmic Disclosure interviews with Pete Peterson who, Wilcock claims, is now on his deathbed, drugged, with no possibility of recovery. Furthermore, Wilcock says he has helped Emery Smith and his wife stay on their feet despite their homeless condition when Gaia fell through on promises to them. He is worried about his reputation, and the reputation of the three whistleblowers that he brought to Gaia; he is worried about litigation, and concerned lest his entire career go up in flames. It’s truly a heartbreaking tale, as he tells it, and it may well be real.

On the other hand, in pursuing reddit this morning, where Laura Eisenhower has endorsed him, and republished, with his permission, the text of his letter on her page there, and pursuing the comments under the youarefree.tv report, I do wonder what is real, what not. In particular, why didn’t David see the handwriting on the wall earlier, or if he did, why did he not step up then? He mentions that money was the lure, and regrets it. This reminds me of all the free energy inventors who have sold their inventions to large energy companies only to see them shelved.

Is this the purpose of Gaia.tv? To lure in New Age and Disclosure people and then either turn them to the dark side or else shelve what they do? Is Gaia.tv CIA? Award-winning crop circle filmmaker Patty Greer’s jaundiced perspective on Gaia.TV and other distributors is corroborated in this Wilcock letter.

Me? For some reason I never did trust Gaia TV (formerly Gaiam TV). Not sure why. But I just couldn’t bring myself to subscribe to it. So this may be a case where trusting my own instincts proved invaluable.

If all this is real, then the swamp needs to drain in the New Age and Disclosure movements too. Wilcock’s claim that Graham Hancock is a confessed Luciferian also blew me away. Does Luciferianism necessarily imply Satanism, Satanic abuse, pedophilia, cannibalism? I have no idea. But I do know that we are getting closer and closer to full revelation of all the dark do do that humans have managed to inflict on to each other over the decades, perhaps centuries.

Watch this story. It will be trumpeted far and wide, and will be used to further divide and confuse all those who are seeking to make sense of what is going on from not only geopolitical perspectives, but spiritual ones. Important to keep an open mind and heart, but then, as Jordan Sather puts it, “Don’t take shit from anyone!” (Something like that.)

Hmmm. Wonder what he will have to say about this development. Actually, I’ve been concerned about young, bright, impressionable  Sather, his ego, and how he might be susceptible to who knows what, despite his own early-onset wisdom. (Speaking here as a 75-year-old consciousness activist from way back, who knows my own ego is both necessary as a focusing agent, and not to be trusted, if I begin to identify with it, as I have done, many times. Luckily, I also have a close female friend whom I can trust to pull me back whenever I go overboard!)

This entire sorry saga reminds me of that book about Laurel Canyon, and the rock and roll personalities that congregated there, near a military base supposedly used for MK Ultra programming. The implication was that the CIA started the hippie movement, and then steered it in the direction of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, rather than political activism. True? No idea. Google it.

And it reminds me of the second wave of feminism, in the same era, late ’60s, when brilliant, photogenic pied piper Gloria Steinem and her MS Magazine led us triumphantly out of our patriarchal marriages into both the patriarchal marketplace and the maelstrom of rock and roll. Yes, Gloria Steinem, supposedly at the time or at some time an agent of the CIA. Again, google it.

What is true, what is false, what is partly true, partly false? And in the end, no matter what our decision in any particular situation, let us get and remain centered within ourselves, knowing that our own interior discernment is ultimately all that we have to rely upon as we witness and experience this swirling ongoing apocalyptic revelation that leaves nothing untouched and forces us all to let go of whatever “beLIEfs” we  considered foundational.

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26 Responses to David Wilcock resigns from Gaia TV?

  1. Alex Simack says:

    The scandal of corporitization? Stuff to wonderabout.

  2. ellen says:

    With Mercury in Leo square Jupiter in Scorpio it seems as though some truths will be exposed that contradict what is being put out there publicly. lt ought to include themes of illegitimate fame or popularity and egos imploding spectacularly. Clearly things are just not what they claim to be and the swamp has infiltrated all.
    With Jupiter trine Neptune beware of gurus, it just might be too good to be true. I suspect the eclipse season upon us will usher in some more disruptive revelations. You have it correct Ann, rely upon your internal compass and discernment. That’s your only ace in the hole.

    Thanks Ann, your writing always helps me put together a cohesiveness in this chaos.

  3. Maia says:

    This is disconcerting because I’m a long-time fan of both David Wilcock and Gaia TV. Will have to see how this unfolds. It does sound like David’s writing. Thanks for the heads up on this.

  4. GBTreacy says:

    God (the real one) bless David, Corey, and Emery!

  5. Nicholas says:

    David Wilcox and Corey Goode are both frauds! Glad to see at least one leave. Hopefully the waste of space, Corey Goode, will follow suit! There are no bluebird people who want to kiss humanities owned away. Such thinking is at best childish, and at worst delusionally schizophrenic in nature. Both above mentioned men should be disregarded as nutcases and summarily ignored.

    • Séamus Ó Néill says:

      Your reasoning and your explanation of such is so deep and profound ,that I had to read it several times.Where did you obtain such in depth information….it must have taken you years of research…not ….empty vessels make the most noise.I don’t think you’d recognize an elephant sitting on your lap !!!!!

    • Paul says:

      I hear Russia has some job openings

  6. Janet Shapan says:

    here may be a backlash to David Wilcock’s resignation letter to Gaia TV that he is not expecting. To say that Graham Hancock is a “closet Luciferian” is totally bizarre. To say the majority of his followers are Judeo-Christian and he is fearful of their reaction as the reason to bail from a contract – bizarre as well? What about the rest of us?

    Re: Emery, I have messaged him directly on these points. I know that Emery did not follow-up with providing Gaia with content to get his project launched. I also know he has not followed up for several weeks with a funder I was responsible for personally making the initial “connect the dots”. You can only help those who help themselves, right? As for Corey, I haven’t a clue what the lawsuit and conversations with Gaia are about, nor do I have the data to make a determination when what I am reading is based on “innuendo” with no details.

    I love the work David, Corey and Emery are doing and am a huge fan of their content, but distortions from either side do not paint a clear picture. I admit, when I heard the video I was appalled. When I received the text and went into neutral, I examined the delivery and structure of the content and could see text that was placed in strategic places to solicit reactions from the reader. The references to Lucifer, over and over, weren’t mean for Gaia, they were meant for his Judeo-Christian followers. The “mysterious” release of a confidential letter now made sense.

    Am I too blunt in questioning motives, perhaps, perhaps not. But I am innately sensing distortions every time I reread this letter. You don’t word things this way in a resignation letter, you just don’t – not with people you have worked with that closely for 6 years.

    I also know a person very, very well who has been out spewing anger at Gaia for a long time. This person paints total victimhood, when in fact this person signed nothing short of the “stupidest” contract that no one in their right mind would put a pen to. Did Gaia do right by this individual, no they didn’t actually, but that is no excuse to fabricate stories.

    I personally caught this person grossly distorting actual events to solicit indignation and support. It was stated to me that Gaia was hiring “young people” to hack and harm this person’s site and Amazon account. The fact was the only reason a piece of the site was not working was because this person did not update the bloody plugin (which I fixed by the why) and site worked perfectly. This person then called me in a frenzy claiming Gaia had hired someone to hack their Amazon account, when in fact it was totally secure and the panic was actually over a seller in the UK offering a couple of this person’s videos for 3 times the price.

    I stated to this individual, “Who in their right mind would buy the same video for $60 from an unknown vendor when they can buy it from you for $20 on your official store. But the story had already been spread and it was not about to be changed. I exited as gracefully as possible from this person’s world, but can no longer just sit back and be silent. This individual finally moved the site offshore still haranging anyone who would listen about these and other similar events. People get attached to their victimhood as a way to achieve a goal .. for many it is staying in the public eye.

    I am not subscribing this to David, Corey or Emery, as I do believe they were targeted and that their content is a direct threat to the Cabal and SSP. I believe Corey and Emery are the real deal and their revelations are game-changing.

    But even with the best of the best, you have to understand their human side, too. Discernment is crucial, even with David, as great as he may be! He admits his financial fears and his failings. You may or may not agree, but think and decide without putting anyone on a pedestal. David wants out of his contract, plain and simple, and I personally believe they should let him go. He deserves to be released for all he has done for them if not for any other reason.

    RE: Pete Peterson. I was a sports producer for many years. One of my source inside Gaia, who loves David by the way, said that Pete Peterson’s tapes had a lot of redundancy and contradictions. If you have ever had to edit that kind of thing, you spend a ton of hours pulling your hair out over which version to keep, and what is actually factual when there are contradictions.

    As for the religion piece, I have a ton of Jewish and Christian friends and family! We love each other dearly because religious beliefs do not define our relationships. We love each other because of the golden thread of consciousness that connects our hearts. We honor and don’t judge each other. We allow each other to have our own views and passions.

    It is this pitting one against another that the Cabal has mastered and David just did this with Graham. I viewed those Ancient Civilization videos and anyone who has followed Graham Hancock for any length of time knows he isn’t Luciferian .. that is ludicrous! He runs rings around David in the field of archaeology and ancient cultures, as does Robert Bauval, Freddy Silva, Billy Carson, Linda Moulton Howe, (our beloved, greatly missed John Anthony West), and the other giants it this area!

    It is frustrating! When will we just let all this discrimination and bickering go and become beings of light? If we weren’t so wrapped up in survival and financial fear, it could happen right now! And I subscribe this remedy to both Gaia and David!

    We don’t know the full story, and I, for one will not take sides or jump to conclusion based on a letter like this one, filled with half the story repeatedly. Emery is on the street, living hand to mouth according to David, but David left out that Emery can’t execute an outline? Does David even know that piece?

    I am PRO consciousness, NOT anti-christian or anti-Jew or anti- Muslim. As for Lucifer, he has his own show on a major network, right? I don’t give the Cabal or Lucifer the time of day. As Steven Greer said a couple weeks ago at his Boulder presentation, “All we need to do is become that drop in the ocean of universal consciousness to negate attacks by the dark side.” Steven did this when their technology was aimed right at him. His presentation in Boulder two weeks ago was incredible by the way! If you get a chance to hear him in person, please do so!

    I produce a national radio show whose entire purpose is to protect children, stop human trafficking and bring awareness so that we can change the paradigm that is destroying our families – The US is the number one country in human trafficking. David wake up! Luciferism is a part of the equation, but the greed is the gorilla in the room by your own admission. Human trafficking and drugs are generating trillions of dollars needed to fund these hidden projects that keep mankind enslaved and free energy technology out of our hands.

    Back to Gaia, I know the problems inside of Gaia without having to even ask. This issues are mankind’s personality issues. They exist everywhere when you house that many people in one spot. Regardless of the conscious mission, you will have jealousy and competition raise their ugly heads. You will have monetary decisions that may not companion your “speak” to support the corporate model, too. I have a heard from inside both the good and bad. And actually more good than bad!

    But the answer is not to throw others under the bus, like Graham. It is not by further polarizing our community, pitting Judeo-Christians against people who dare to think differently, or to paint anyone who looks at archaeology for the absolute controversial wonder that it is. As important as disclosure of UFOs may be, so is the truth about our ancient history. Was Jesus, a replay of Zeus? Are the repeated stories of the flood from around the world much older than the ones in the Bible. Is archaeology a conspiracy to hurt the Holy Bible? Are we paddling backwards, yet again?

    Well, this is not nearly as long as David’s posts, but I do hope that we can all think with our hearts, not our righteous indignation and emotions.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Thanks so much for this extended commentary which throws new lights on the entire embroglio. Very much appreciate your multifaceted approach.

      • Janet Shapan says:

        Dear Ann,

        We are all just moving through this maze towards the light. It was so very sad to discover that so many accusations and comments he made were not the full facts. He wants out and I have confirmed it has been granted.

        It is not what we do, it is how we do it that defines our character. Graham Hancock Robert Bauval, Freddy Silva, Billy Carson, Linda Moulton Howe, (our beloved, greatly missed John Anthony West) an the other great explorers are not Luciferians … As I said, that language was meant for an audience he believes to be the majority of his followers.

        I have had 100% positive response to my post on Facebook. The one thing David needs to grasp is that the spiritual community is opening to their own inner knowing, their intuition is sharpening, and no longer are we just following anyone blindly or trusting their words as ‘the truth’ without checking with our hearts. The age of the guru is over, the age of self awareness and consciousness is exploding. That is what we need to promote among every other being.

        In appreciation for your wonderful work, Jan

  7. Janika says:

    David got caught in the sticky web of contracts. This is not the first time subtlety has ensnared good souls. David may be correctly be a canary in a coal mine, caught in a cage.

  8. Janet Shapan says:

    That may be, but that is no excuse or throwing others under the bus to incite such outrage to help him get out of Gaia. I have confirmed that he succeeded in getting out of Gaia, but at what cost— the compromise of his integrity, the trashing of a great man! Graham Hancock is a gentle soul, who we almost lost not too long ago. He is a fearless giant, with great integrity as was our wonderful John Anthony West and Philip Coppins. David is peanut among these giants. He did a year of interviews with all of them, so shame on him and shame on our conscious media for replicating the very same “sensationalism” that we criticize mainstream for doing. Fact checking is critical, more so for us and anyone else as we are the sources our readers trust!

  9. Marissa says:

    Good heavens…this was entirely expected. Calm down, everyone.

  10. Janet Shapan says:

    To deep dive requires a full oxygen tank … especially, when you have been informed that Emery has ongoing associations with Gaia. I have sent Jimmy Church, who interviews all three of them frequently and had Emery on two days ago, the questions below. Isn’t it time to clear up what is truth and what is not.

    I am most tired of the Three Stooges runaround. Not one of them is addressing the most important questions that I have been asking. We sit listening to David say one thing, when in fact … the full monty of the story appears to be quite different.

    I came to Gaia in 2013 for the sole purpose of viewing his interviews with Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, John Anthony West and others. It was never about David for me. I stayed because I loved Regina’s wonderful shows and then Greg Braden, Sean Stone, George Noory and other .. and I got hooked on the morning yoga programming. I am not there just for Wilcock, nor are the vast majority of my friends with memberships.

    Yes, we have enjoyed Corey, who has the most ‘conscious’ message of the three. I like Emery and have texted on Facebook with him and attended his presentation at the Boulder EXO, but truly … their messages are starting to get a bit stale, hence the low turn out at eTown last week to hear David and Emery. Steven Greer’s turnout at CU two weeks prior was packed… what does that tell you?

    But, at the end of the day, it is neither Gaia or any of them that directs my conscious journey. I watch so many other great shows from all over the Internet and follow fabulous sites like this one. THANK YOU ANN for such great articles dating back to 20111!

    To wrap this up, here the questions I sent to Jimmy that I challenged him to ask— because if David is going to make such damning claims that are deeply polarizing our community, I for one, want to know who is doing what, when they were doing and why are we only being told part of the story?

    Questions for Emery ….
    1. Describe the abuse David Wilcock claims you have suffered at the hands of Gaia?
    2. Has Gaia given you money? Were there conditions you need to meet in order to receive this compensation?
    3. Has Gaia provided you with housing?
    4. Are you currently in negotiations with Gaia on a multi-series show? If so, why is a consciousness advocate, such as yourself, actively working with “an evil Luciferian Satanic organization”?
    5. Does David Wilcock know about any ongoing negotiations and TV project you may have with Gaia? (new one: Did he give you his blessings as has been reported?)
    6. Do you believe David misrepresented your treatment by Gaia in the infamous ‘resignation’ letter?
    7. David says that being associated with Gaia is destroying his credibility, aren’t you concerned this will destroy yours as well?

  11. Janet Shapan says:

    OH a couple more items. The rumor is that David’s salary at Gaia was one quarter of a million dollars. I am trying to confirm that number, but does anyone think that it might be conceivable? Perhaps, that is what he was alluding to about the income keeping him there so long. And maybe this and the contract Ann describes about are the reasons he is stating that Emery’s legal action is hanging over his head?

    I also have received word that a better offer was in the wings … hence the hurry to get out of his contract and resulting extraordinary drama.

    Suppositions, perhaps but that is what research and connecting the dots is all about. Now that he is off the hook with Gaia, his next steps will certainly be worth watching—very closely. And, if these do turn out to be realities, someone needs to ask the tough questions, such as: Was this new opportunity your REAL reason for leaving Gaia?

    Guys, I am not saying to dump David by the way, I am saying … we need to hold all of our leaders in the spiritual movement to “living the honest and full disclosure they demand of others”, especially if they ask us believe such controversial and negative statements such as the ones he leveled again Graham Hancock! Gaia is not the issue here, my questions and comments are not to defend them in any way.

  12. kelley says:

    We have all been born into a long running story which was corrupted & compromised a very long time ago by the creators of the “god game” & the monetization of everything.

    I believe it would be helpful to: 1) recognize that is the case. 2) explore ways to de-monetize our relationships. 3) explore the extent to which we have each been “infected with the “god game” virus. 4) let go of the desire to find fault, lay blame. 5) Trade the desire for justice with a plea for mercy & compassion. 6) Appreciate that there is no life without death, no pleasure without pain, no love where there is fear.
    be well my unseen friends!

  13. Rose says:

    Janet thank you for your insight and your investigations into this matter. I am confident that this resignation letter was written with the intent to have it be published on a public forum. I can only speculate that it was done to damage Gaia and encourage the popularity of David’s new venture. To me David is the embodiment of the boy who cried Wolf. One only has to read his blogs to see that he continually has proclamations by “insiders” of stunning new developments, that somehow Never come to fruition. As for Corey Goode, I find his complete and utter lack of evidence and past posts on project Avalon to cast his story into a category I call “highly unlikely to be true”. (just my intuitively derived opinion). I feel the same way about Emery Smith who does not speak like an educated man, but rather like a con man. (again, just my opinion). I wish them all well, but chose to follow narratives with more substance and less drama.

  14. Janet Shapan says:

    Patty Greer has just informed me that I have been placed on a “watch list”. .. I presume “GEM”s” … woopidoo!

    I do hope they will send me an officialc “watch list” certificate I can hang on my wall, or replica ray gun …. or better still maybe Patty can make up some anti-GEM pins to go along with the “crop circle” refrigerator magnets she sells on her site! Anything to make a buck, I guess.

    In a couple days head over to Richard Dolan’s YouTube channel. He did a live broadcast on Friday, July 27th in the afternoon that was very worth watching. It has a short piece on the Gaia situation. There is no better analyst on these types of topics than Richard. Be patient if it isn’t up yet… it will make it I am most sure very soon.

  15. Janet Shapan says:

    Actually, Dolan’s piece on this Gaia issues is on his video from July 19th – 18 minutes in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAmX5dynbzc&t=132s
    He is just amazing and fair!
    24 minutes in he nails our drama queens. Drama follows them everywhere they go.

    • Zach says:

      Janet, thank you for posting this. I was looking into some clarity in this, I just found out about it. I like David’s topics, but like Richard put so eloquently, drama just follows him and Emery, and Corey everywhere they go. Never know what to believe, my gut tells me it’s all bullshit and we’re a bit fucked. LOL

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