July 4th Red-Pill Fantasy? Mercury opposes Mars and dares to speak? — and more . . .

That “more” is a fascinating reference to Rudolf Steiner, below, that for me, at least, holds immense resonance.

But first, check out the astrology of today, July 5, when transit Mercury at 8° Leo conjuncts the North Node (the path) and opposes Rx Mars at 8° Aquarius, which conjuncts the South Node (the past).


This Mercury/Mars aspect is already beyond exact, i.e., it was igniting its own fireworks yesterday.

Yes, I imagine yesterday, July 4th, produced an enormous number of occasions at backyard barbeques in sweltering heat where individuals (acting in their newly released sovereign state as Leos (North Node) communicated (Mercury) their truth, i.e., red-pilled their relatives and friends (Mars in Aquarius, conjunct South Node). These sovereign individuals dared to step outside Aquarian group think (which has morphed into group hate, of Trump). And whether or not their families and friends took the red pill — if they haven’t already, it may mean they are heavily walled off internally; so it’s going to take a lot a lot a lotta! to shake them loose from their ideological foundations and emotional reactivity — at least they have now been introduced to the fact that their valued friend’s or family member’s world-view is not what they had assumed.

Just about the time that Mars in Aquarius turned to go retrograde, I posted something on fb, can’t remember what it was, but the comment section went wild, with a number of my “friends” (and with whom I do have at least a nodding acquaintance in real life) assumed that my fb site had been “taken over,” that Ann Kreilkamp wouldn’t think that way.

I let this go on for awhile, and then butted in to the conversation, saying, yes, in fact that is me, and that is what I think!

So that’s an example of what I’m talking about here. And I imagine that the business of red-pilling has become much more serious as more and more people are #Walk(ing)Away from the seemingly defunct, because hysterically, rabidly, disconsolately, violently anti-Trump Democratic party.

For background to all these thoughts, see, in order of their appearance:

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Mars turns to go retrograde today at 9°13 Aquarius

As we head into July 4th “holiday,” I take a look around.

July 4th, Red-Pilling continues: #WalkAway! — and then, what?

I listened to part of a Daniel Liszt Dark Journalist video last night (I don’t usually listen to him anymore, after he joined with Bill Ryan to produce what looked like to me an extremely prejudiced view of Corey Goode and David Wilcock). Liszt claims that the red pill and blue pill meme from The Matrix film actually came from Rudolf Steiner (one of Daniel Liszt’s and my true heroes). Showing a photo of this Steiner art, Liszt says Steiner distinguished between “red pillar” and “blue pillar,”

saying that red represented the flowing blood, and blue the veins through which the blood flows. An interesting comparison/connection. And if so, it reminds me that the blood of life flows through given channels and structures.

Pluto is in Capricorn, joined now by Saturn. WHAT STRUCTURE? is the dominant question of these years. Pluto, planet of death and rebirth, inexorably takes down what is no longer viable in order to regenerate. Saturn lends its serious, disciplined, step by step approach to this immense undertaking.

The question must be asked: what kinds of individual, social, civilizational structures allow for the blood of full aliveness to flow freely?

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4 Responses to July 4th Red-Pill Fantasy? Mercury opposes Mars and dares to speak? — and more . . .

  1. Alex Simack says:

    Nice work Ann! Particularly mngfl to me w Moon at 9 leo. So here iam in the city of Broad Shoulders workng & trying to learn to text. Much more but have to wait for alibrary so i can use a computer.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Glad to know your transformation proceeds! Breathe and relax and go with this new and fruitful flow that you had no idea was coming.

  2. rose day says:

    Interesting spin on Liszt’s view of the distinctions between Steiner’s red and blue pillars. Such suggests not an either/or interpretation but rather that the two are symbiotically entwined which (imho) offers a more optimistic view than the present duality of division.

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