July 4th, Red-Pilling continues: #WalkAway! — and then, what?

I discovered the above hashtag a few days ago, and noted it refers to the idea of walking away from the Democratic Party. Wondering how that already viral meme had got going, I found this on kauilapele’s blog:

#WalkAway … Brandon Straka, “Why I Left Liberalism & The Democratic Party” (two videos and two articles)

I watched the first video, the one the author produced to introduce the idea. Then I watched about 15 minutes of the second video which, frankly, sounded like my own story, even though I’m not gay. The author has switched from virulently anti-Trump, to pro-Trump, all the way, says “He’s the best President America ever had,” or something like that.

While I’d like to agree, I can’t. I can’t just move from one side of any polarity to the other. The problem is the polarity. Is the idea that only one is right and the other wrong, and that there are only two “positions” one can take in politics — or anything else!

Jordan Sather agrees, wants to red-pill us all to walk away from any kind belief system or structure that is rammed down our throats without our being aware of it. Tells his own red-pill walkaway story (from mainstream science) and says it’s best to remain open.

Yes, except for one “issue,” and here’s where I show my own “bias”: And this is that even though we might achieve national “unity” with Donald Trump, assuming enough formerly liberally brainwashed folks of all kinds walk away from the Democratic Party, we are still, folks, both parties, at odds with Nature. She is our partner. Do we not realize that? Do we not remember that?

Only if Donald Trump can learn to walk barefoot in the forest and bring everybody along with him in a Pied Piper dance into the mysterious reality of the natural world will I say I am with him, all the way. For he will be with Her then, all the way, and all of creation will rejoice.

So let’s both celebrate what Donald Trump IS attempting to accomplish, a pull back from globalism to nationalism —

What Donald Trump is Preparing

P.S. Do read the above post. Makes a lot of sense!

— and further:  let us then pull back from nationalism to bioregionalism, and even further to localism, right here and right now, beginning for each of us with the inner Self. The intense or muted aliveness inside each of us, and how our own bodies communicate, indeed commune with Earth.

For that is the foundation. From our own small body’s function as one quivering antenna for Earth’s wisdom on out, to mutual relations with others in household, neighborhood, community, bioregion, and so on, a vast horizontally networked unification of individual souls that both emerges from and embraces the Earth under our feet and her extraordinary function for us as Teacher, Mother.


BTW: rather than march as usual in today’s local 4th of July parade with my corporate flag, I decided yesterday to order a fresh new Earth flag. The old one is getting mighty faded;  time to begin again.

Might you join me?

Announce your allegiance?

Fly the earth flag from your home?

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4 Responses to July 4th, Red-Pilling continues: #WalkAway! — and then, what?

  1. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    I’m with you, Ann. The great mistake is the polarity, the notion (I can’t dignify it with the term “idea”) that ONLY ONE position is the “right” one.

    I follow Kauilapele, too, and there are other angles – mostly in global finance, bonds & currency – that convince me Trump is operating as “President” for a purpose … and that it is time for the US of A to be humbled in the revealing of its (often unconscious) crimes against other nations and the Earth.

    The Earth is our partner – our source – our beginning and our end. Everything else is commentary.

    Thanks for your work and your consciousness.

  2. Kieron says:

    I agree that this “walkaway” dude is simply going to the other extreme. It’s not unlike abandoning the religion you grew up with and finding something else that works better and going completely gung-ho for the new one and perhaps overdoing it a little. Then you wise up, grow up and moderate your stance a bit more toward the middle road. It’s an over-correction that will eventually modulate into something more sensible… I hope. At this point, though, I believe we’re well on our way to becoming embroiled in our second (?) Civil War. Skirmishes can be found online, in the comment sections of any blog, newspaper or feed, or during demonstrations and protests and rallies across the country. IN-teresting times!

  3. Thanks Ann!!
    “For he will be with Her then, all the way, and all of creation will rejoice.”
    Yes, yes, yes

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