As we head into July 4th “holiday,” I take a look around.

Very glad I was out of touch and out of town with the so-called protest movement last weekend.

Came home to a few posts that I appreciated, among them:

Trump’s “border crisis” debunked in six charts

and especially Scott Adams, who pointed to what I had thought in the first place, why are they protesting something that has already been changed? Could they not re-purpose their politically correct protests in time?

The Protest that was a Costume Party

Since it’s very difficult to distinguish between gunshots and firecrackers, I pray that no one will take advantage of the false flag opportunities inherent in this July4th madness in America, wherein I’ve got to make sure I am home to take care of all the animals who freak out. What about the wild animals?

Consider Local Wildlife While Celebrating Independence Day

Okay, widening out in time to a few posts on what’s going down generally:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: CDC is a privately owned vaccine company

Reminds me of doctors taking kickbacks (or getting free dinners, or vacations) from pharmaceutical companies for medications prescribed.

Reminds me of my friend’s ex-husband, a radiologist, who, with fellow doctors bought the MRI machine used by his hospital. Huh? Conflict of interest?

Where does it end. Where, truly, does the corruption end? And is terrorism state-sponsored violence? Check this out,supposedly how the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization (aka NATO) does its dirty deeds:

GLADIO: “The Sword” used by the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization Worldwide

On the other hand, here’s a Mexican town (20,000) population that took matters into their own hands:

A Mexican Town Overthrew their Local Government and Things Are Going Great

Hey, remember the “comet” or “asteroid” Oumauamua, which to me looked for all the world like a burned or bombed out shell of some kind of UFO from some other galaxy, well, here’s Joseph Farrell on the latest:

Oumuamua Update: It’s a comet, no, an asteroid, no, a comet, no . . .

Back to the good ol’ U.S. of A. on the day before July 4th’s “rockets red glare.” I’ve decided not to march in the local parade with my corporate U.S. flag this year. Not sure why. Just want to hunker at home with the animals.





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4 Responses to As we head into July 4th “holiday,” I take a look around.

  1. Bill Chisholm says:

    Flag flying, parades and firecrackers are all just Pavlovian reactions unless there is a serious and conscious commitment to implementing the principles and purposes written in the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States and spoken of in the Declaration of Independence. All means everyone and there can be no self evident truth that is exclusive.

  2. “hunker at home with the animals.” Sounds like a good idea! Happy Independence and Inter-dependence Day!

  3. CindyW says:

    my comment on the radiologist ex-husband who bought the MR machine with his colleagues – there USED to be laws on the books in the US in your father’s generation called “self-referral laws”. They were regulations preventing doctors from prescribing treatments or procedures from which they would personally profit. Reagan started kicking down those kinds of laws, and it accelerated under Bill Clinton, often on a state-by-state basis. No longer illegal and not even considered immoral/unethical by current docs. There were similar laws requiring that there be an actual need for a new MR facility or other medical facility – if there already were 3 x-ray centers in 3 hospitals in towns, we didn’t need another one just to make a profit – and those were also struck down in deregulation. Forgotten the name for that type of oversaturation of market (I think it was called “certificate of need,” as in do we really need another x-ray facility?) …
    I like the Earth flag idea! loyalty to the planet and its creatures/systems/realities!

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