Dan Rather: “Trump is mean as a wolverine”

As much as I do appreciate certain aspects of the Trump administration, and remain astonished at the Trump personality and how he is living out on the world stage his remarkable astrological chart, I also consider this video by Dan Rather, on mainstream media CNN, very worthwhile watching. Sent to me by my good friend Bill Pfeiffer, with whom I traveled to Siberia last summer and who recently initiated a conversation with me as to my views on the Trump administration.

Rather is right, the president sets the tone. And while Trump may serve as an eruptive projection of America’s rampant denied egotism as “the exceptional nation,” if we are to avoid what appears increasingly likely as civil war, then he now needs to not only rein it in, but to learn to “walk barefoot in the forest on mushrooms,” as I said earlier. I fear that only a real, sharp, and continued descent into his body’s communion with mother earth can even begin to transform Trump’s apparent craving for adulation.

Trump’s egotism is matched by our own, of course, else why would so many of us hate him so? He’s just better at it, larger, with a much bigger mouthpiece. All of us need to pause during this two month Mars retrograde period, back up, and look again at how our identification with our own ego is causing whatever disturbances appear in our lives.


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