Post-Summit: Michael Pollan’s new book, “How to Change Your Mind” trumps even Trump’s Summit

If Michael Pollan can publish a book like this, and get yuge publicity, given his platform, then anything, literally anything, is possible. This trumps even Trump’s Summit. Why am I just now getting wind of it?

In the past month there have been gobs of video interviews with Pollan. Here’s one of them:

Way back in 1969, I was introduced to LSD, and it literally blew my thoroughly indoctrinated mind wide open. From then on, I was no longer cemented into the world-view of Roman Catholicism, or even of western epistemology. From then on, I knew that “reality” morphed into whatever “I” choose to focus on,  that the sky is wide open, and that “I” am one with the sky.

(Oh wow, just went to grab the cover of Pollan’s book and noticed the image on it. Brilliant. And exactly my experience on LSD: beyond the wall, the open sky.)

Yes, I date my own transformation to my first LSD trip, and my second one. There was no third. No need for one, though I have taken other psychedelics, including mushrooms, psilocibin, and mescaline over the years. None recently. Again, not needed. Once we are open to the universe, it’s hard to close the doors.

So now I would amend my former advice to Donald Trump. Now I say: Don’t just take off your shoes and walk barefoot in the forest, DO IT WHILE ON MAGIC MUSHROOMS. (Note: I’ve corrected this to magic mushrooms from LSD, see Laura Bruno comments.) You’re a fast learner. You will fall in love with Nature, and won’t need to do psychedelics again. And your famous Mars-on-the-karmic-29°-Leo-Ascendant-with-Royal-Regulus EGO will get even more laser-like in focusing what it wants to see happen without your essence getting at all identified with it. As Thich Nhat Hanh has been saying, for years:

We Need A Revolution: It Starts with Falling in Love with the Earth  

It’s either that, or Jon Rappoport is right, Trump’s uber-capitalist world-view, now visioning gigantic hotels on North Korean beaches, will accelerate the destruction of this planet to warp speed.

It’s Showtime in Korea

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11 Responses to Post-Summit: Michael Pollan’s new book, “How to Change Your Mind” trumps even Trump’s Summit

  1. James says:

    >>advice to Donald Trump. Now I say:
    >>Don’t just take off your shoes and walk barefoot in the forest, DO IT WHILE ON LSD.

    I wholeheartedly agree that this would do him (and the rest of the world) a “world of good” (provided it is a good trip)!

    But Goddess Help Us, if he had a bad trip…

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      But the man does seem to be protected, on lots of levels. And did you know that he hardly sleeps? Is he really human?

      • He IS protected, but I think he should try magic mushrooms instead. Maybe some fly agaric’s … get in touch with the Goddess and the Faery Realm. Actually, I pulled Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle cards on him when he first got elected, and I was somewhat surprised to see that they liked him. He certainly understands their concept of “Glamour” and how to enlarge one’s energy, use redirection and mirroring of others’ Shadow to get things done. Those things are very Faerie — not the Tinkerbell types, the magical Old Ones who live in the Sidhe Mounds.

        But what about the Earth!? I still don’t understand that one with my rational mind. The non-rational, non-linear time mind says that Trump is playing an absurd and Glamourized role designed on a more cosmic level to blow up the illusions and get people back into the heart … to create and embody that New Earth just a half dimensional heartbeat away.

  2. Brie says:

    I was at a local steel mill dive bar and a 50 year old blue collar guy recommended this book. Turns out his son is getting a masters in what is basically psychedelic psychology. What a great conversation.. Had no idea Michael Pollan wrote it! I think most people would do good to have their mind opened up and I think the most promising applications lie in serious depressive episodes and terminally ill patients.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Amazing! If your experience is typical, then this book may begin to bridge all sorts of seemingly frozen cultural divides.

  3. Yes yes and yes…. and then the ayahuasca if we really want him to get the pain that “others” feel… in order for some compassion to set in.

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