Astrology of scheduled historical? (and herstorical?) Trump/Kim summit: June 12, 2018, 9 AM, Singapore


Who knows if this meeting will actually take place. I wondered about the timing initially, even before I set up the chart, since they are meeting under an old, waning moon. On the other hand, this moon is in Taurus, thus stabilizing the situation, and perhaps its position nearing the June 13th New Moon in Gemini just signifies that the meeting itself is a formality, for the real work has already been accomplished.

But what work? Hard to say, Trump himself has tweeted that he has been preparing all his life, but that the meeting itself needs to be unpredictable, a matter of surprise, and that he will know within a minute or two whether or not Kim is serious about “making a deal.” And I do think this is the way Trump works. And especially here, when the meeting is scheduled for the day when the Sun is at 21° Gemini, only two days from his June 14th birthday. Remember that Trump’s signature is that of a Sun/Uranus opposite Moon, so he is truly a wild card (Uranus) who thinks fast on his feet (Gemini), relies intuitively on whatever is coming through him, while also holding a big picture in mind (Moon in Sagittarius). 

Whether Kim can rise to the occasion I don’t know. But the 9 A.M. chart itself looks auspicious (except for the waning Moon), in that Pluto, the planet of power, widely conjunct Lilith, (the unbridled female), straddle the Descendant  (each seeing each other as a formidable opponent/partner) and Eris, the Goddess of Discontent is at the Midheaven, or the path. Note: Eris, only recently discovered, and with an exceedingly long cycle, has been in Aries since 1926 and will remain there until 2048; it thus includes just about everyone now alive on the planet. We all feel the discontent and fury of the female energy at the very bottom of our souls. Something is not right. Something is clearly off, and has been for a long long time. Can this meeting begin to right the balance between patriarchal male energy’s long neglect of the nurturing, but now furious, female?

Eris squares Pluto/Lilith, as one might expect. The fuel of extreme individualism( transit Eris in Aries, now accompanied by transit Chiron in Aries (healer of wounds)), comes up against the mighty forces (Pluto) of tradition and stuck status quo (Capricorn) and writhing in agony, now insisting on release (Lilith). This internal dynamic holds for both Trump and Kim and for their connection on this hour of this day. And yet, they have both proved themselves to be mavericks in their own countries. Will they see each other as brothers?

It’s quite possible. For despite the fraught nature of the meeting and the great historical forces at stake, the personal connection itself may feel warm and friendly: both Ascendant and loving Venus in family-oriented Cancer, widely opposes Pluto/Lilith and squares Eris/MC. 

Furthermore, that Sun in Gemini, conjunct Trump’s Sun, with its sextile (60°) to Eris/MC and inconjunct (150°) to Pluto/Descendant/Lilith, creates what I call a “Triangle of Continuous Growth,” uniting three different types of aspects: one hard, one easy, and one mid-way from hard to ease.

In this Triangle, the square makes it hard as so fuels change, the sextile introduces ease, and the inconjunct enables continuous, subtle, slight adjustments.

This meeting just may prove to be a cultural and geopolitical crossroads, at least at some level.

Also note these, the Sabian Symbols for Pluto, Lilith, Sun, and Eris (the triangle), a blend that is, at the very least, evocative, open, and empathic — perhaps even celebratory! (Note Pluto’s “All for one and one for all.” Reminds me of Qanon!)





Let us hold these two leaders in our hearts as they move towards each other while letting go of their own mutual need to dominate. This is what’s required for the female energy to rise up and meet the male. And everybody, even two alpha men, have female energy inside them. We all have both. If only we could know it, and show it.

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