Ronald Bernard testifies again. Hard to swallow; hard to fathom; immensely courageous and compassionate.

If the original Ronald Bernard testimony was itself astonishing, then this time he goes deeper, testifying about the abuse he endured in childhood — extreme physical abuse from father, extreme sexual abuse in a Catholic facility — that filled him with hatred for the entire human race and led to him describing himself as a “terrorist.”

From there to his “rise through the ranks” of this corrupt society starting at age 20, using “covers” — like import/export businesses, used car lots — to hide criminal activities, and then switching to becoming a money changer, making money with money, and meanwhile, being groomed for the Satanic abuse that he would be expected to perform as a up-and-coming member of the financial “elite”: sacrificing small children. This is where, remarkably, given his horrific background, he drew the line, and withdrew from the corrupt world that he had been a part of; he then spent eight years incognito, before re-entering the world, this time as a whistleblower.

To me, what’s most remarkable about Ronald Bernard’s testimony is how he recognizes and treasures the wounded child inside each person, no matter how evil or hateful he has become.

And I would beg to differ with his conclusion that he is, at this point, “healed.” For if my own life is any indication, and I suffered not one iota as much as he did early on, the healing process is lifelong.

But, for those who don’t necessarily trust Ronald Bernard, see this:

I just quit working for Dutch whistleblower Ronald Bernard — here’s why

And, I would add, check out the comment section to this piece, especially the extended rebuttal by “gcuccureddu.”

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  1. spACE says:

    The link you leave at the bottom leads to one of the most stupid, childishly reactive blog (unsubstantiated opinion) by a so-called “reporter” who sounds like a little brat having a tantrum because criminals won’t leave their 1970-1980’s illegal job C.V.’s on the internet so she can quickly use google to “research” for her “reporting”. Give me a break!!!

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