Pedogate News with Liz Crokin

Those of us who know how to prioritize, recognize that as disgusting as it is, pedogate may just be a red herring, a cover for the ultimate abomination, that of satanic child sacrifice. But even pedogate, once we come to grips with it, nauseates. And once we dare to absorb its implications, this entire underworld of depraved malevolence infuriates. As Liz Crokin says, “None of my friends are pedophiles. How come so many pedophiles surrounding the Clintons?”

I’ve mentioned in other posts, that what first woke me up to this unmitigated evil — and to MK Ultra, mind control, blackmail, and so on — was Kathy O’Brien’s autobiography, Trance Formation of America. Even a bit of her testimony speaks volumes. Google Kathy O’Brien, youtube.

Or watch The Keepers (Netflix), or watch Conspiracy of Silence: The Franklin Cover-Up, or read Bryce Taylor’s memoir, Thanks for the Memories, or watch Taylor’s youtube videos. Check out Fred Burks section on Mind Control on his site.

But of all the researchers, I think Liz Crokin, a long time independent investigative journalist, appears to be the most personally dedicated to this ghastly and utterly crucial mission of exposing the sexual and satanic corruption that undergirds our entire society. Here’s her latest update:

As for the bunker found in Tucson, see this:

Rothschilds, NXIVM sex cult connected to alleged child sex trafficking.




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