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New Template for Sustainability: Think locally, act locally

Heinberg does his usual masterful job in Part I of this long essay,  a survey of where we are in terms of depletion of existing energy supplies and production as well as diminishing ROI ( return on investment). And while … Continue reading

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AK Reader: “Neptune at the Midheaven” (1999), A Personal Journey

This essay, written as a column for the Winter 1999-2000 issue of Sagewoman magazine (I was a columnist there for 20 years), addresses the subtle subject of Neptune, and how it affects a person when positioned on one of the … Continue reading

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AK Reader: “The Unspeakable Wound” (1995)

This column, written for SageWoman Magazine, Winter 1995, documents one of the visits that I spent with “Helen” after the stroke that left her only barely alive. Twice more, over the next few years, I would visit her, each time … Continue reading

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First, to set the stage: here’s the latest, and unfortunately, the usual, dystopian nightmare vision of Chris Hedges. (He writes beautifully, however.) The collapse is coming, get ready Who’s at fault? Who caused the ghastly global economic ponzi scheme that … Continue reading

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PHOTOS, Mid-May in the GAV: Monday Morning Work Party — and more!

We meet together outside twice a week for an hour or so, to do whatever tasks needed. More gets done throughout the week, mostly thanks to Solan and Rebecca. Plus, each of us tends to have our own set of … Continue reading

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Uranus in Taurus: Possible Expanding Context of Current Hawaii Eruptions

As wild, eruptive Uranus begins its seven-year transit through   the fixed earthy sign of Taurus, Hawaii, which translates to “Place of the Gods,” an island chain situated approximately half way across the vast Pacific Ocean between the Asian and American … Continue reading

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Mid-May, Green Acres Village: Thursday Dinner, New CSA, Compost Lesson

Three new posts recording last week’s activity in our village and urban farm. LOTS OF PHOTOS. Mid-May in the GAV: Community Dinner  Mid-May in the GAV: First week, CSA   Mid-May in the GAV: David’s Compost Lesson

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AK Reader: MEDITATION ON THE UNABOMBER: Ted Kaczynski and the Paradox of Saturn/Uranus (1996)

Tomorrow, May 22, is Ted Kaczynski’s birthday! I had wondered when I would see fit to republish this 1996 post, composed shortly after his arrest. Back then, I did not know his birthtime. Now I do. Fittingly enough, it puts … Continue reading

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