WHO ARE WE? Three “realities” that only seem disconnected.

I present you with three offerings, each of them of immense value. First, horrifically biting satire from Jon Rappoport that feels so exacting that it hurts, next a set of graphs that grapple with the mechanics of the militarized Deep State, and finally, Joanna Macy’s heart-opening account of who we really are.

Though these three seem to inhabit separate universes, in actuality, the first implies the second, and the third underlies, and is only partially smothered by, both the other two. Atop of our intense, and often unknowing, immersion in Mother Earth, lies this weird fiat-money fueled scrim that holds us all in its sway and tries, and fails, to take total control.

So, I say, let us sink below. Sink below money to our living communion with the Mother.

Rappoport, To Trump: How to Win the War in Afghanistan

Or: how to do unto others what we have done unto ourselves . . .


U.S. Foreign Policy Explained

floating on top of Joanna Macy’s WE BELONG.

Thanks to dailygood.org for  transcript.


JM: They’re all happening. So it’s just a question of, and this is what’s the most emboldening thing to treasure in our situation, is that we humans, fallible and scared and dumb as we can be, we have the choice of where we put our attention. We have the choice on how we understand a given set of experiences because these three narratives about what’s happening now are all true. There are the voices that dominate, are voices that say, “Everything’s going to be OK. We’re going to make America great again, just the old way. We’re going to grow our economy, grow our military power. We’re going to distract ourselves with more and more entertainment. We’re going to take what we can from the Earth. Let’s open everything up to mining and oil drilling, et cetera.”

That’s charged, but most of the voices we hear are that. Aren’t they? Then, there are a few voices more that are saying, “Oh, but this is destroying everything,” and they’re voices of the scientists that haven’t been bought and journalists that haven’t been intimidated. Then, there’s some other story and it’s happening too. A story of resistance and creativity and the shift in consciousness. That’s part of that great turning story where we choose to see our world not just as a supply house or a sewer but to see it as a living body. That’s what I find the most exciting, Tami, about this moment. Because in this early first years of the third millennium, both science and spirituality and religion back from the indigenous ones right up to current creation spirituality, are seeing that the Earth is alive.

This blows me away. That at the very time when the Earth is under such assault from greed and hatred and the urge to dominate, at the same time, we are hearing voices from the indigenous folks right up to the contemporary scientists and the new cosmologists and the evolutionary psychologists and the evolutionary scientists that the Earth is a living body from systems science, Gaia theory. To me, this is stunning. And so I don’t know which story is going to win out. Maybe we’ll just pillage and plunder our Earth to death. But we’re given another story now. The people that I find myself hanging out with more and more are people who can get turned on by that, inspired by that. Enlisted by that.


Me? Besides training my focus here, at Green Acres Permaculture Village and blogging about whatever occurs to me in the moment, I can’t help but continuously envision Donald J. Trump  walking barefoot in the forest.

I told this to my brother-in-law John a few days ago, and he was dumbstruck, told me that the day before, after his class at Seattle U.,  he was talking with another student, who happens to be a Native American shaman, and he told John the very same thing, that he is keeps visioning Donald J. Trump walking barefoot in the forest.

What would happen if Trump did actually did walk barefoot in the forest? Might he wake up? Might he begin to recognize that in order to be “great again,” we must become whole again? Might he re-member himself as one member of one species, all of whom depend for aliveness on the grace and generosity of Mother Earth?


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4 Responses to WHO ARE WE? Three “realities” that only seem disconnected.

  1. Kieron says:

    I have mixed feelings about Rappoport. It would take too long to elaborate why, but this line caught my eye. “Or: how to do unto others what we have done unto ourselves . . .” While true on the face of it, I would say it’s the other way around. The United States, born into conflict in 1776, has waged war around the globe ever since, like a metastasizing Cancer, and has never not been at war in some form or another, overt and covert. But it’s ever more clear to me that the war has crept up behind us and slowly engulfed us, again like cancerous cells that metastasized into this mess we are in now where we are at one another’s throats, egged on by banksters and fraudsters while they reap the profits. Misery the U.S. brought to others, beginning with the Native and Indigenous, is being brought down on ourselves, and we even pay for it in the form of Israeli terrorism experts, who fine-tuned their brutal practices on the indigenous people there, and now train our own LEO’s to wage war on brown and black people here. It’s somehow like we’re becoming another Palestine. What goes around truly comes around.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Totally true. The original sin was the genocide of Native Americans, and it seems that given the way the U.S. national soul was tainted from its very beginning, without going back and acknowledging that, and somehow making amends, the horror just keeps on projecting further and further, and, as you say, now loops back on and in ourselves.

      • And yet, going back even further, there’s been a war on indigenous peoples everywhere for millennia, including indigenous Europeans, who then brought their PTSD victims turned abusers actions into the US. It has not “always been thus,” but it has been thus a long, long time. There were more Irish slaves than African slaves if you count indentured servitude, and the genocide of the Native Americans and now the Middle East continues the genocide of anyone not following the “right” religion of the Book.

        Then you have the co-opting and complete perversion of original pagan cultures, and what a toxic brew. Collective PTSD recovery and full recognition of the role human trafficking of all sorts has played and continues to play in our world would likely do more to eliminate the need for war than any other strategy. Of course, those using those methods to maintain their power will fight hard to preserve their image. Cracks appear daily … how will we as a society replace the faux glory with authentic, natural values?

        • Ann Kreilkamp says:

          Love the digging expedition here in this comment thread. And I love your final question: “How will we as a society replace the faux glory with authentic, natural values?”

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