Uranus in Taurus: Possible Expanding Context of Current Hawaii Eruptions

Image courtesy of Olga Shevchenko Hawaiian Art

As wild, eruptive Uranus begins its seven-year transit through   the fixed earthy sign of Taurus, Hawaii, which translates to “Place of the Gods,” an island chain situated approximately half way across the vast Pacific Ocean between the Asian and American landmasses, and featuring the Fire Goddess Pele and her Mauna Loa, the highest and largest volcano on Earth, has been much in the news since May 3, when Kilauea, one of two much smaller nearby volcanos on the Big Island, began to erupt and move rivers of lava towards both suburbs and the sea.

This might not be such a big deal — Kilauea often erupts —  except that there happens to be a new geothermal power plant situated on the flanks of Kilauea, a plant designed to “tap into the energy of the volcano” —

Hawaii is chasing 100% renewable energy with active volcanoes

— and is now threatened by this eruption of Kilauea, with fissures opening within only hundreds of yards from the plant. Mainstream news sources report that stores of flamable liquids have been removed from the grounds; neighbors dispute that, having seen no suitable trucks arrive to carry such liquids.

Mainstream news sources also report that all eleven wells that reach down into the steam have been capped. What happens if lava pours over the caps and melts the steel? Answer: no one knows. We’ve never been here before.

Hawaii National Guard Presence Builds as Lava Nears Geothermal Power Plant

Meanwhile, another, possibly much larger issue is that of the condition of the Hilina Slump —

Warning Not Sent: Coast Guard Hawaii Tsunamis as “Hilani Slump” Prepares to Break Off

P.S. they’re talking 1000 foot tsunamis here, which could apparently reach the west coast of the U.S. landmass.

Or is this fear porn. It appears that Dutch Sinse thinks so (as I note in a chance remark he made on today’s earthquake update video).

He was comparing the Hilina Slump breakoff causing giant tsunamis possibility to another possibility that he notes, having to do with implications from an earthquake on the flank of Mauna Loa (remember, this one is the largest volcano on earth) that faces Kilauea, saying after all, what he’s talking about, is not as scary as the other . . .

Meanwhile, all this Uranus in Taurus activity reminds me of the expanding earth theory (as opposed to the prevailing plate tectonics theory), which surmises that not only is Mother Earth alive, but she is growing.

The Expanding Earth Hypothesis Makes Sense

I remember Clif High espousing this theory, saying that expansion occurs because particles from the Sun that can pass through matter reach the center of the Earth which contains plasma, and make the plasma grow, thus pushing the hard material encasing it to expand, including the outside crust.

Here’s Clif:

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