As the larger context of our discontent continues to reveal itself, what is our response?

For those who are following the continued morphing of the world’s geopolitical/economic system, check this out:

Some remarkable comments on the cabal Trump is fighting against, from “the smartest man in the world”

Here’s a screenshot of part of “smartest man”  Christopher Langan’s message.:


Here’s 78 year old legendary former CIA analyst Ray McGovern on his violent arrest at the CIA nominee Gina Haspel hearing:

More context:

So, if Ray McGovern can walk his talk, what about the rest of us?

(I’m reminded of a meeting podmate Solan and I held two days ago with a  biology professor at IU in regards to a possible student program. I had told her, “We are creating a new template for suburbia in Green Acres Permaculture Village.” She gushed, “Oh, I just love the book Superbia!” to which I responded. “I haven’t read it. We are doing it.”)

Each of us is incarnated here for a reason during this climactic time on planet Earth. Each of us has both our unique gift to offer, and internal guidance as to how to proceed. Take the first step in what most fascinates YOU. Watch what happens next. The more you move in tune with your own natural rhythms to help transform this sorry world, the more synchronicity you will encounter, the more interwoven you will feel inside the one beating heart of creation. As Joseph Campbell famously put it: “Follow your nature, and doors will open to you that open to no one else” (something like that).

Meanwhile, alt-news exposure of the dark heart of corruption that infests our world continues. And I’m NOT just referring to the entire Chilean archdiocese (34 bishops) who resigned en masse following a meeting with the pope. (An event that even the MSM was forced to cover.)


MK Ultra Survivor Shares How Her Multiple Personalities Were Used by the Global Elite


Evidence Suggests American Child Care System Is A Front for Child Sex Trafficking

And wow! So astonishing how the momentous Uranus in Taurus ingress is  demonstrating itself so powerfully via the ongoing drama in Hawaii. Just who do we think is in control? We humans? What a joke. On the other hand, some dark-hearted humans may have had something to do with what’s going on there, according to Dr. Michael Salla who lives there.

Hawaii Volcanic Eruption Intentionally Triggered to Generate Massive Tsunami?

Even more dire: the possible break-off of the Halima Slump. In which case the tsunami might reach how many feet high and over how broad an area?

Or: Is this last just fear porn? Hard to say. Hard to tell what is what, who is who, anywhere, at any time. Fake news abounds. Which is why I tend to focus here, at home, as much as possible. Connect to the living Earth. Connect to others in our little Green Acres Village inside Green Acres Neighborhood inside the midwestern college town of Bloomington, Indiana. Center, right here, right now, and BREATHE.

Oops! Time for our Monday morning work party. Gotta go . . .


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