“I am because we are,” Ubuntu in Motion

Imagine immense concentrations of monetary wealth redistributing, from top to bottom — not through force, but through free choice — those who have, have most to give; they know it, and act on it.

Now imagine, that everyone, every single human being, is rich internally; that if allowed to live and grow naturally, he or she will eventually exhibit and express unique prodigious blessings to share with others.

I.e., Imagine that “money” is NOT the bottom line. That human energy IS the bottom line.

What would happen then? What kind of world would we live in then? Answer: One much like the natural world, where species co-exist with wild, untamed abandon, giving and receiving freely, so that what is waste for one, becomes food for another.

Villagers in Africa live “closer to nature.” No wonder Africans were the first to give a name to this practice, to the philosophy and ecological economics of Ubuntu!

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