AK Reader, MY SECRET LIFE (1997): Chapter Nine, “Body”

Note: The first eight chapters of MY SECRET LIFE ,  posted in spurts over the past month or so, include these “Tools for Continuous Transformation of the Self”: Death, Walking, Processing, Journal, Dreams, Questioning Assumptions, Autobiography, and three posts on Astrology. Given that I also composed four posts on Body as the 9th Tool for Transformation, it’s obvious that I focus a lot of energy on/in this primal Tool!

And so, in honor of the long-awaited, and momentous entrance of Uranus into the most earthy sign, TAURUS two days ago, I’ve decided to include all four posts that refer to BODY as a Tool for Transformation in one post, making each of them a pdf to click on. The best way to absorb this material on the Body is to read it all the way through, in order, and, if possible, all at once! As I commented, in the finale to the fourth post of this most profound tool in my entire lexicon:

When I began this chapter, I wondered why I placed it after, rather than before, the third essay, on earth mysticism as accessed through the body. But then I realized, as difficult as it will be for some readers to bear with me in talking about descending into our bodies, and sensing our bodies as part of the earth, etc., it will be even more difficult for them to entertain even the bare idea of letting go of security structures which prevent this descent from happening! So I place these chapters in the order of their psychological “difficulty,” you might way. For until we risk tearing down the walls which separate ourselves from both our bodies and the world around us, we do not realize that our isolation is self-imposed, and that what awaits us is beyond our wildest dreams.

Chapter Nine: 1 

Body I: Moving into and out of the Mind/Body Split


Chapter Nine: 2 

Body II: Taking Charge of Addictions


Chapter Nine: 3 

Body III: Male, and Female, and Beyond 


Chapter Nine: 4 

Body IV: From “Security Systems” to Real Security


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