Day Two, Post Taurus (and Aquarius) Extravaganza: Group Process with Chipper!

See first this, then this.

Okay. So today, we finally accomplished the long-awaited chipping of  the branches that have been piling up, from all the grounds around here, and significantly, this spring, from the still woodsy back yard of the new third house. I wondered aloud to Dan, “Has it been only a year for this pile?” Not sure. But things sure do grow wildly in south central Indiana, and keep needing to be trimmed — if we humans want to live here, too!

Mars in Aquarius: Group process! Which made it fun. So good to work together on projects. We get on a roll, and get a lot done, and it doesn’t even need to take very long. We had hoped four hours would be enough time with the rented chipper, but I think Rebecca returned it after only three. YES!

Uranus in Taurus: Wood, a resource/material/natural outgrowth of the (Taurus) Earth, being (Uranus) pulverized, and then recycled.

Mars square Uranus: Huge energy getting it done, and being very careful, even so, not to let this 90° aspect between two wild planets result in an accident to somebody’s hand, or face, or arms, or legs. I did get a cut on one arm, and hardly felt it. The energy powering this (long awaited, twice postponed) project was so strong, that we hardly noticed when it started raining, hard. Just keep going. Don’t get stuck!

Here’s photos, from beginning, when Shy was instructing us on how this chipper worked, and how to use it safely (we did have ear plugs and plastic glasses); from near the end, when the pile was almost gone; and of me, afterwards. Soaked. Bedraggled. Exhausted. Happy! As I told Dan, “If people would do hard physical work each day, there’s no way they could have mental problems!”



Oh yeah, and we’ve got another pile of chips, now, for mulching beds. Amazing just how tiny a pile a large pile of branches reduces to.


The six foot high pile of branches had completely surrounded and engulfed the ground above the entire root system of the tree. I could literally feel its happiness as we worked to clear it of debris.



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