And how was YOUR big first day, May 15, 2018 — Taurus New Moon + Uranus ingress, and, yes, Mars ingress Aquarius?!

Well, let me tell you how mine was. At first, all was well. I had decided to post the four chapters on BODY next, in the ongoing series, AK Reader, MY SECRET LIFE, and to begin yesterday, the first day of enormous Taurus influence. But . . .

Then Mars got in the way, throwing a decidedly Aquarian glitch into the mix. This commenced shortly after noon (which was actually about 12 hours prior to Mars entering Aquarius, see last post —

Tomorrow’s New Moon in Taurus, within hours, heralds . . .

—  however, Mars, unlike any other planet, and in keeping with its impulsive nature, tends to act ahead of its transits. So I am not  surprised, when I look back at the events of yesterday. After all, a strongly exact Mars/Uranus square was (and still is) operating, AND Aquarius was involved. I was surprised at how huge the Mars/Aquarius ingress felt to me, how it dominated my day and, until I looked deeper, seemed to put all Taurus considerations on the back burner.

Okay. So here’s what happened.

I had been trying and failing to transfer photos from our latest Green Acres Permaculture Village work party from my iphone to my computer . . . It had been great fun, all eight podmates in the main garden; on a morning so hot and muggy we fantasized doing it naked, and wondering if the City of Bloomington would sponsor a “garden naked” day. Oh yeah, fat chance! Lots of laughs.

So I really wanted to put up a post about that work party, and had  45 photos to choose from. But yesterday, when I tried to transfer them from my iphone it kept bringing up a message I’d never seen before, can’t even remember what it was, but it gummed up the works entirely. In fact, I was having so much trouble that I wondered: if  I  reboot it, will the problem solve itself? So I did that. And then, when the rebooting began, the open apple logo came up as expected — and stayed up, and up, and up . . . Okay. STUCK.

I asked house techie, Alex. She said she didn’t know how to fix it; take it to the nearby AT&T store and ask techies there. Good idea. Waited only five minutes (unusual), and then a very sweet woman told me that   they can’t fix Apple products; that only Apple reps are allowed to go inside them. She then pointed me to the apple techie place here in Bloomington, downtown, a few miles away. Okay.

So I drove downtown, still pretty cheerful. It’s now about 2:30. Hardly waited at all again. The female Apple clerk, her manner abrupt, stiff, told me that the only thing they could do was ” take it back to factory settings,” i.e., wipe ALL my photos and other things off and start over (Mars starts over in Aquarius . . .). And that it would cost $29.95 and take more than an hour. AND, they would need my Apple ID and password. “I presume you know them?” she says.

Oops! I used to know, and then I knew again when I had it changed, and again, and again . . . Told her no, that I would have to get my little red book and call it in. Okay.

So I went home and got out my little red book

and started turning the pages, looking at all the info that keeps getting updated, crossed out, etc., as time has moved on and I’ve been trying to keep track of fixes to technical issues (NOT so organized: needed better Mars in Capricorn habits! Too late now).

I did, usually, date any fix. But for some reason, the Apple ID, which had numerous mentions on various pages, with different pw’s, was not dated.

Oops! So I decided to drive back downtown, this time with the little red book, and try to figure it out with the clerk .  . . Well, long story short, none of the pws worked.

Okay, she said, we can do the job we were going to do, in fact our techie is already working on it; but to get the phone up and running again, you will need to call Apple, and here’s the number.

By the way, this time when I came through the door, her demeanor had changed. Very sweet, kind, considerate, despite the obvious mess I was presenting to her through my little red book, and despite fifteen wasted minutes of the two of us trying and failing to figure out which pw was correct (something about icloud figures into this and I never did figure that out).

Our techie is already working on your phone, she reassured me. Come back in about an hour.

So I used that time to go to Lucky’s, a grocery store I usually don’t visit, since it’s not close to where I live, to learn what they have to offer, and whether or not they incorporate any local products (Uranus in Taurus) in the produce section. (They do.) That took the hour. I drove back to the Apple repair store, got my phone and the phone info for Apple, and came home. It was now about 5:30.

I waited for Dan to come home so I could use his phone to call Apple. Did that. The techie there and I managed to figure out the Apple ID and change the password. Then there was some other problem that I can’t seem to remember what it was or why it existed, but I would need to call back. Again, this techie, a man, was very sweet, patient and considerate.

When I called back after dinner using my hugely long case number, I got another techie, a woman this time, and we tried the new pw that I had just set up with the first Apple techie, and it didn’t work! What? Now I’m really confused! Then she told me Apple would need to make sure it’s actually my phone, and could I answer two security questions, one of them being my nickname as a child. I tried Annie, Anna, Annie Capanie, and Annie Bananie — were there others? Have no idea what I had originally told Apple so long ago.

Okay. She then said they had one other process they could go through to get the phone up and running, but it would involve an email that I would receive in exactly 24 hours from when she put the order in.

So if I don’t get the email at 8:06 pm tonight, you’ll hear my screaming, from whatever distance!

Actually, NOT. Throughout the entire process that involved working with a, to me, incomprehensible, technical system (Aquarius), using my messy (bad: unorganized Mars in Capricorn) little red book, I sensed myself deeply centered, down inside myself, my own body. Very Taurus. Very Full Moon Taurus. Not impatient, despite the circumstances. Not my usual self! Rather, paying attention, and noticing. And, above all, attuning to each person who was working with me, appreciating the help I was receiving from all these techie strangers, both over the phone and in the two stores.

One of the rulers of Taurus is Venus. I’ve long said that every interaction we have with another human being, friend or stranger, no matter how quick,  superficial, or officially business, “is in actuality, an excuse for relationship.” And I do believe that!

However, we each teach what we need to learn. And my impatience with the massive, Aquarian systems that we are all embedded in (internet, wordpress, iphone, computer, etc. etc.) has been, up until yesterday, legendary. In fact, when husband Jeff was alive, poor guy, if I ran into a glitch on my computer I would just yell, furious, frustrated, JEFFFFFF!! — and he would lumber in, take my seat, and fix it. It’s been 15 years since Jeff was my techie. Only now am I finding myself slowed down enough to truly appreciate both Jeff and all the others who have helped me in this area along the way.

And believe me, I do find it amazing that all this happened on the very day that unpredictable electrical Uranus went into slow, steady Taurus, just past the Taurus Full Moon. Of course, a Mars in Cap/Aquarius square with that altered Uranian atmosphere would stir up the mix. But me? My electrically charged mind had descended into my (Moon in Taurus) body, and will hopefully remain there, for the duration of the next seven years that Uranus travels through this fixed, earthy, stabilizing sign.

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