Tomorrow’s New Moon in Taurus heralds, within hours, two powerful sign changes: Uranus from Aries to Taurus, Mars from Capricorn to Aquarius

As Earth erupts in Hawaii, spewing molten lava fire from her innards, she makes mincemeat of our civilized “straight lines.” The time for Nature is at hand. No longer will our technological civilization be allowed to pave over her without consequence. Oh, we might try our best to continue, and Mars entering Aquarius will certainly accelerate that trend for the next little while, but in the end, Nature wins, She always bats last. And Uranus in Taurus, coming right up, indeed right here now, squishing over the sign change from fiery Aries to earthy Taurus in Hawaii for the last few weeks, eerily echoes  the very day when Uranus shifted from oceanic Pisces to Aries, seven years ago. Remember that? March 11, 2011, when the earth under the ocean erupted and delivered a tsunami that destroyed the nuclear reactors at Fukushima. From Fukushima to Kilauea. We are reminded just who is in charge here, and always has been.



Hold on to our hats! Well, actually, NO. Instead, let’s do what I always recommend, take off our conceptual helmets and shake out our hair! Because if we don’t do it voluntarily, it will be done for us. There is no avoiding it, or denying it. Tomorrow’s New Moon in Taurus, at 7:48 AM on May 15, 2018, will feature not one, but two 29° planets: Mars in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries, exactly (90°) square one another, in a fiery, combative dueling finale between rule-bound, structural Mars in Capricorn and freaky individualistic me-first Uranus in Aries.

Unpredictable, exciting Uranus, with an 84 year cycle, crawling through each sign for seven years, has been crashing through combative Aries, as I said above, since March 11, 2011.

Courageous, warlike Mars, which moves through its entire cycle in about two years, has been accompanying Saturn and Pluto through traditional (deep state?) Capricorn for the past two months, with the current 90° frictional square between these two planets, Mars and Uranus, until the end of May; plus, and more profoundly, the friction between Saturn, closing in on Pluto which, in turn, has been square Uranus, has been threatening World War III bigley ever since 2008, when Pluto entered Capricorn and the world’s financial systems almost melted down.

Mars, by the way, will remain in Aquarius longer than usual, due to its somewhat rare retrograde period this summer, and will not actually leave this sign until late November 2018. Expect frustration, or slowing down of big systemic changes during this time.

In any case, I say yes, thank goodness for tomorrow morning’s fixed, security-oriented, earthy, calming, even sluggish and stubborn, above all, stabilizing New Moon in Taurus, and for the fact that this New Moon heralds, within hours, the tempering of the hot tempers of both Mars and Uranus via sign changes. Indeed, we really are fortunate not to have blown up the world during all of Uranus in Aries (and especially during the Uranus/Pluto square years (2011-2016)). One more indication, I feel, that we are receiving some kind of outside help — call it divine, or interdimensional, or ET, or even call it Donald Trump, whose fiery combative (Mars in Leo on Ascendant), unpredictable (Sun conjunct Uranus) personality has mirrored this crazy tipsy turvy, upside down era so powerfully, expressively, and persistently, that I, for one, wonder how Trump will find himself transforming, as these two planets change signs.

So! Here goes:

New Moon, Tuesday, May 15, at 7:48 A.M. at 24°36 Taurus












Followed by, not even four hours later, the entrance of Uranus into Taurus, 0°00 Taurus —

 — something that has not happened since Uranus last entered Taurus back in 1934, again, for seven years, and besides the New Deal, the FBI, and Social Security in the U.S., shadowy banksters brought Hitler to power, and the end result was World War II.

Hopefully, the banksters have been sufficiently outed at this point, thanks to citizen researchers on the internet, so that money-grubbers will not be able to trigger World War III during this iteration of Uranus in Taurus. (Notice: that we now actually pay attention to the fact that weapons-systems manufacturers’ stocks go up when global tensions increase. Duh!)

In any case, history aside, what we need to realize is that the vast majority of we who are now alive on this planet have never, ever, experienced unpredictable Uranus in earthy Taurus — this particular, peculiar, flavor of the zeitgeist before.

So we don’t know what to expect!

Which means we have no way to prepare!

Oh, well, we do know something! We know that this extraodinary journey of the most exciting, unnerving planet through the most fixed, stubborn, territorial sign will completely upset all our well-ordered, well-regulated “security-systems” — insurance, pensions, salaries, private property, banks, stock market, allopathic medicine, educational CORE curriculum, corporatization of universities and government, anything based on “money” as the so-called “bottom line —  that human-created scrim that runs atop Mother Nature’s ever differentiating, integrating, and regenerating, ever dying and being reborn, biological, chemical, geophysical, and spiritual systems.

Yes. All our human-created security systems will undergo massive metamorphosis, perhaps even to collapse. The signs are legion. For example, in the financial world: central banks and some corporations are beginning to fail, their CEOs stepping down. Inflation is beginning to destroy nations. Many are predicting bitcoin and other rising blockchain “currencies” will replace fiat-currency. Many have noticed how the BRIC countries are already undermining the petrodollar.

Apply this same kind of reasoning to anything earth-based, including our own bodies. What kind of “medicine” do you give to your body? Are you a slave to the pharmaceutical/surgical/chemo nightmare that kills more people than it heals? What about natural healing, healing according to Nature’s ways. She knows how; as do our bodies know how — if we but let them be, feed them real food, and move! Every day! Walk, bike, garden, clean house, whatever! Get off those screens and let go of our addictions to sugar and junk food, drink, drugs, substances of all kinds. Stop our need for more more more material “goods,” and of whatever it is that we think we are still “missing.”

But enough of my Uranian rant. Just realize: with this massive and unprecedented (in our lifetimes) sign change: whatever we think is going to happen, is probably not nearly so wild as what really will happen, as a long, slow, roiling dramatic upheaval that will force us to let go of all that we “hold” dear, and allow Nature to hold us, love us, be inside our bodies and be what all our bodies stand upon and breathe and drink in. Literally: There is nothing that we know of value that does not come from her. Think about that. Nature is our Teacher. She always has been. And now she’s going to take charge.

Volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, big winds, unseasonal snow, cold, heat — who knows what else she has in store for the creatures upon her as she uncoils her mysterious, glorious self, and resumes breathing, roaring, and flexing on her own, rather than pretending to be regulated by all the controls we think we can put upon her. That’s done. She wins. And once this agonizing, excruciating, deeply humbling period is over, we will rejoice and be glad. For we will have reconnected — to our own bodies, and to Earth herself, the common ground we all walk upon, breathe and drink,  no matter what the mean, nasty, divisive “identity” (Uranus in Aries) politics we have devolved into over these past seven years.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget: coming right up, just about twelve hours after Uranus enters Taurus, Mars leaves Capricorn for Aquarius. Not nearly as momentous as Uranus changing sings, but significant nonetheless, especially for its timing, with Uranus and the New Moon in Taurus.


Note that these two, Mars and Uranus, will still be exactly square one another, only they have just changed signs. No longer at 29° of Capricorn and Aries respectively, they will have entered brand new territory: 0° of Aquarius and Taurus — square until about the end of May. Both Aquarius and Taurus are stubborn, intensely fixed signs. They both want their way. If the Aquarian Martian mental energy IS to be especially denominated by the blockchain phenomenon, which supposedly cannot be captured by nation states, and so then is necessarily decentralized — the way Aquarians would like it; however, Aquarians are also especially caught up in systemic approaches to problems, and whose to say that the cryptocurrencies won’t suddenly be revealed to be a sleight of hand ruse of the dreaded New World Order?

In any case, expect an immense, intense, power struggle between the forces of technocratic collectivization (whether decentralized or centralized) signified by Saturn, closing in on Pluto in Capricorn, and the deeper, more pervasive forces of Nature herself, as She asks us, via Uranus in Taurus, to return, return, return to our sensitive, sensual, wildly precious bodies, and to our common home, the magnificent Earth body, Her generosity and understanding of abundance, of security; her capacity to show us the way through the technological mess we have created for ourselves, the screens we tend to place between our narrowly focused eyes and her omnipresent fertility, the damndest tendency we have now, thanks to our “devices,” to attend to simulacra, rather than the real thing.

To the extent that we learn to love and work with Nature, then permaculture, and other philosophies and practices of food cultivation that integrate with Nature rather than attempt to dominate Her, will become much more appreciated, as the world’s peoples begin to realize that we need to stay close to home, to our Earth home, and to manifest here and now whatever we really need to create a true sense of security, based on connection, community, common ground, rather than the false “security-systems” promoted by our technological marvels that push us apart, leave us separate, detached, in our own little virtual worlds.

Today — wouldn’t you know! — synchronicity. I notice one uncanny sign of the incoming Uranus in Taurus revolution that, if we are wise, will become common, even common-sense! The top headline in today’s local paper, the Herald-Times, is “Everything Gardens,” about dear friends of ours who run a permaculture farm that has joined up with a small rural school system in Unionville, to help “pioneer a new curriculum called EARTH, which stands for environment, arts, resources, technology and health.”

The kids were there, at Sobremesa Farm, to learn how to build a hugelkultur bed. YES!


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7 Responses to Tomorrow’s New Moon in Taurus heralds, within hours, two powerful sign changes: Uranus from Aries to Taurus, Mars from Capricorn to Aquarius

  1. MsRhuby says:

    “No longer will our technological civilization be allowed to pave over her (Earth) without consequence.”

    I love that sentence!

  2. Laura Bruno says:

    I hope that sentence is true. Our neighborhood has been targeted my an overreaching township board (getting paid off by contractors?) to try to pave over 15 feet into our yards and senselessly knock down hundreds of gorgeous old trees for the “benefit” of sidewalks no one wants. We have our second very Uranian neighborhood rabble rousing meeting tomorrow. Big hopes that this township board has overreached one too many times. Taxes just raised (via assessments) and we would also get to pay for the “benefit” of having our trees paved over and yards cut through. Here’s hoping Uranus sides with the very community oriented neighborhood and not the top down Agenda’s masquerading as “enhanced community.” Wish us luck. Who wants to walk through a neighborhood of butchered trees?!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:


      So this issue is bringing the neighborhood together, so that they connect with each other? That’s one benefit of having a “common enemy.”

      • Laura Bruno says:

        This neighborhood is a very cohesive, long term neighborhood, so the coming together isn’t new. The level of frustration and sense of betrayal by a common enemy appears to be new, though, as the township Board has apparently been lying to this neighborhood for decades and long term residents are saying enough is enough, looking into lawsuits, etc.

        People in the neighborhood now document everything from the township and caught them trying to railroad this through by lying about public comment dates and votes and pretending this is a voluntary service. I read the township “Plan” last night, and it includes mandatory sidewalks everywhere, so it seems they already made up their mind, but the neighborhood is trying to disrupt the deceptive dog and pony comment show and insist on real democracy. I hope all that Uranian and Aquarius energy does something!

        • Anthony says:

          Hi Laura,

          As you hinted at above, follow the money. Many city board members, if they aren’t contractors or developers themselves, will most likely have close connections with same. There are usually lawyers in there somewhere too, and often connections with the local zoning and even justice and enforcement agencies. It’s a system that’s worked for the benefit of a select few for a long time, and it needs to be exposed everywhere! And as Ann’s charts show, the time is ripe!

          Good luck!

          • Laura Bruno says:

            Thanks, Anthony! I updated Ann by private email, but I did a Reiki Healing Attunement on the meeting the night before. A very Uranian, self described “anarchist” decided to come to the meeting at the last moment and sat next to me. When I asked about how we could get the most legally recognized and expertly worded petition, she texted her daughter, who just happens to be best friends with a hot shot international lawyer, who just happens to be in Kalamazoo right now. She’s taking our case pro bono, because she and her daughter love our neighborhood.

            Our neighborhood community seriously rocks, and this will take things to the next level. People are calling the press, contacting big wigs in the community, and the daughter, mom and lawyer have connections at local, state and national levels. At the very least, it will be interesting! They picked the wrong neighborhood to try to destroy trees and privacy with unwanted sidewalks.

            We’re already making plans to gut the board with terrible press if they don’t mend their deceitful ways. It’s the Agendas at work (21 and 30), but if Goshen was any indication, they won’t work here. Wrong neighborhood, wrong timing, wrong new resident who values her privacy above most other things… Happy Uranus in Taurus!

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