Jerome Corsi a fundamentalist?

Re: the current roiling turmoil in the Mideast, including what is real, what not. I was and remain fascinated by Jerome Corsi’s enormous perspective on just about everything, except that in the following video — in which he brilliantly discusses the Koreas, the history of the fight between Sunni and Shiite, Iran, Netanyahu and nukes — he goes much further than usual in demonstrating and even promoting his “Biblical” epistemological foundation, thus placing him in the very same absurdist camp as those radical Shiite Muslims he decries.

As I said, in a rush of intuition, pouring into a 9th grade book review about prisoners of war: “The world is composed of individuals with competing ideas, which usually lead to one thing: WAR.” The teacher accused me of plagiarism, so far from my usual intelligence did this statement reach. That statement came out of me unbidden — from where? At the time, I felt deeply ashamed.

And how much worse is it when those competing ideas are over whose god is the right one? Hard to believe humanity is in the same exact stupid spot it has been in since, when? Since the patriarchy took over and we began to lose touch with our Mother Earth, substituting the scrim of mental ideas for our own body’s communion?

So here we are, as usual, in 2018, jockeying claims over whose crisis is going to be the one to trigger nuclear war. I’ve long given up on humans, knowing that if we were in charge, we would long ago have triggered nuclear war, accidentally, if no other way. Thus, it’s obvious to me, that something or someone else is in charge here, at least in matters that would instantly darken the life of our beloved planet. I used to think it was “God” that was in charge. But that claim would put me in the same camp as Corsi and the Shiites. So now instead, I think ET, or interdimensional, or whoever or whatever  obviously knows a hell of a lot more than we do about what is good for Earth and all the species she hosts so graciously, including us. See Robert Hastings, UFOs and Nukes.


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  1. MsRhuby says:

    So who or what is the great unifier if not Jesus, God in the flesh?

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