Green Acres Village News, late April: Community Dinner, two work parties — and de-mucking the pond!

Between last Thursday and yesterday, that’s only five days, lots goin’ on here in the GAV. Besides being contacted by two separate couples, one a man/woman, the other a woman and her 12-year-old,  all of whom want to come from South America and spend an undisclosed amount of time with us — which contact inspired a talk about setting up a platform for tents and possibly an outdoor kitchen during our twice monthly  pod meeting Sunday evening — we’ve also held our usual weekly Community Dinner, and two work party mornings. That’s quite normal for us, but as the growing season ramps up, so does the excitement about our connection with the Earth Mother, and her constant teachings about how to truly live, i.e., how to live in full aliveness, each of us expressing all that we are in communion with each others’ beings, human and non-human, cosmic and microscopic.

DINNER, photos thanks to Mariella!

Saturday Work Party

I discovered that Tim, on the left, had actually been here, staying in one of the DeKist houses, and working in the back of the second DeKist house since Friday! He plans to come (probably in a tent, there we go again!) two days a week from Indianapolis to help during the growing season. Yes! Here he is, demonstrating something of what he was about in that still partially wild backyard.


Monday Work Party

Yesterday was so beautiful and clear and cool and sunny that ten people turned out en masse for our work party. All eight of us who live in the GAV (in three houses) —

Dan getting ready to mulch straw for mulch on the newly planted beds.

— plus Payton and Christina, from a few miles away.

Hmmmm. How should we get the soil out of this Tower? (This is one of my son Colin’s original Garden Towers, made by hand. Since redesigned, and now manufactured.)


Finally, mid-afternoon yesterday, I decided to de-muck what used to be our beautiful pond, now turned wetland, so that the fill-in process might slow down a bit.

Alex agreed to take a few pics as I was finishing up. Notice last year’s pond muck now lining the edges. That muck filled five buckets for compost.

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