Q and Kanye: WAKE UP! IT’S TIME!

From a qanon.pub post last night:

I’ll never forget the numinous dream that ended with the Raven, sitting on my shoulders behind, cawing “WAKE UP! WAKE UP! IT’S TIME! IT’S TIME!” That was in June 1989. Twenty-eight years ago. I identified Raven as a symbol for the Crone, that third and Wise aspect of the ancient Triple Goddess: Maiden, Mother, Crone. The huge charge generated by that dream, compounded by the recent death of my spiritual grandmother Kathryn, poured into a new magazine, Crone Chronicles: A Journal of Conscious Aging. which I founded and ran for 12 years.

Now, 28 years later, exactly one full cycle of Saturn later, the Wake Up It’s Time movement has come of age. Not just crones, but young and middle age, white and black and brown, U.S. and worldwide we are all awakening to this extraordinary Moment when we dare to take back our planet from the ones who have been controlling her destiny for way too long.

The symbol of the general awakening seems to be Kanye West, whose “woke” tweets have startled many whose minds had been closed. Even Howard Kuntsler and Scott Adams are on board with Kanye:

Kuntsler: Counter-#Resistance?


‘Dilbert’ creator heaps praise on Kanye West

Meanwhile, my young housemate Dan, at a bar two nights ago, ran into someone who was raging at the pedophilia and satanism that undermines and corrupts not only all levels of government and Hollywood, but religion, sports, the tech and music industries, and so on. And, he told Dan, “I can’t talk about it, because none of my friends will listen!”

Dan replied: “You should come meet my housemate, Ann.”

I have been introducing sweet, innocent Dan to this horror show that runs on unabated, and even he now says we need to know this stuff, even though it’s awful.

Yes. And as I mentioned to Dan yesterday, wherever someone is famous, one can always ask why. How did that particular person come into the limelight? Is he or she an MK Ultra mind-controlled slave?

MK Ultra Survivor Shares How Her Multiple Personalities Were Used by the Global Elite

Meanwhile, if you haven’t been introduced to Qanon yet, here’s one youtube video that might help bring you up to speed. There are other, longer ones as well.




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  1. Dear Ann,
    Kanye West? That’s hard to believe. be

  2. Anthony says:

    Hi Ann!

    On Q: I just read this, and it tickled my “monkey mind” regarding the Q phenomenon:


    In addition to the above, Brandon Smith of Alt-Market.com (an Oathkeeper whose weekly articles are posted on ZeroHedge) has also said that Q is probably nothing more than 4th-generation warfare, meant to confuse people and give them a feeling that “something is being done” and just TRUST – while nothing actually happens.

    I’m in-between, personally. The early Q stuff was enlightening and did red-pill some people, but nothing has actually HAPPENED on the world scene since then, as several predictions Q has made did not come to pass. As is written in the article I posted to above, it’s just another “Ashtar Command” nothingburger, but served with a side of “woke”.

    As for Brandon Smith, his most recent article is here:


    He’s like the sane, grounded big brother that Ken at RedefiningGod wishes he could grow up to be. Some have compared him to Thomas Paine.

    Take care, and keep posting your book chapters! Lots of parallels to events in my own life, and what you share helps me to make sense of a lot of it.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Re: Q. And yet Clif High says he’s real, even now, and thinks Q has been a single source, one person close to Potus, all along. And I do tend to trust Clif. So who knows? It’s so perfect, that we JUST DON’T KNOW. EVER! I will check out your two links. THANKS! And yes, will continue to post book chapters. Thanks for the affirmation on that. It’s become obvious to me that this book makes more sense now than it did when I wrote it, over 20 years ago.

      • Anthony says:

        Re: Clif High – I like his stuff too, though he has been wrong often I always appreciate “next level” thinking.

        Re: my first link – I’m not one to usually go for “starseed” stuff, but what the author wrote there paralleled what I had read elsewhere and I appreciated the “tend to the inner to affect the outer” comment, as I ‘tend’ to ‘in attend’ too often!

        Re: Brandon Smith: I appreciate his writing a lot because he is very well-read, especially regarding economics and history, and he relies entirely on facts and not suppositions. It is he who has turned my “monkey-mind” towards seriously considering that what we are seeing on the global scene is a massive Hegelian dialectic, with the “good cop” East vs. the “bad cop” West, to bring in the NWO stealthily as the answer to the dilemma the obviously Evil West.

        Is he right? HellifIknow! But it’s an idea I haven’t seen presented well elsewhere, even though what is going on now was predicted by many authors that Brandon often cites, who wrote more than 50 years ago.

        Re: your articles – I am enjoying your journey! Just today when you wrote that you ask for dreams to give you answers to problems – I do that too!! And a lot of other parallels to other points in my life as well, e.g. a near-death experience that changed my life etc.

        Thanks again for presenting your own intuitive hits on what you are seeing going on in the world. When I present links for perusal I’m not wedded to any particular beliefs concerning them; I just often find certain ideas worth sharing as we TRY to find at least a semblance of the TRUTH!!

        • Ann Kreilkamp says:

          Yes! I haven’t had a chance to look at your two links yet, but do intend to! Thanks again, and our life parallels are fascinating. Wonder how many others in our generation share a similar life journey.

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