What is TIME? And what does consideration of this question do to us?

Way back in my early 20s, as a doctoral student in philosophy, I told my teacher I wanted to do a paper on the nature of Time. “Time”? He sniffed. “Too difficult.”

Being still most intrigued by “difficult” topics, now in my mid-70s, this post caught my eye.

The Illusion of Time: Carlo Ravelli’s Book The Order of Time posits that reality is simply a complex network of events

Let’s face it. By far, the best part of trying to “grasp” a subject such as Time, is the way it tends to make mincemeat of not just our so-called conceptual “grasp,” but our emotional and spiritual orientation as well. All “certainties” tend to dissolve into the void when we decide to push out beyond our comfort zones.

And yes, that’s a good thing. To forever stand humbled, in the face of Mystery.

So, re: my intrigue with Carlo Ravelli, I decided to begin to feel my way into the being of this man and his way of thinking and feeling. Because it “certainly” does seem to me that events, rather than objects, are fundamental to our all-too-human way of understanding 3D “reality.” By communing, on a psychic level, with this man’s being, might some of his philosophical explorations infuse my own being?

(This, by the way, is how I “studied” the works of the philosopher Wittgenstein for my doctoral dissertation. The original, enigmatic, poetic way he used language, the stories about his life and especially, the conversion from one fundamental way of thinking to another, all this intrigued me. So I decided to feel my way inside him.)

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