Love steers the stars — and “we the people” of Earth!

Tell me. Is there not a new energy in the air? From #KanyeWest tweets loving all humans no matter what their political ideology to North and South Korean leaders joining hands and smiling, it feels to me that we have now quietly, on little cat’s feet, entered a new era. And we do this just as warlike Mars, at 21° Capricorn, crosses over powerful Pluto, when it could have ignited nuclear war!

April 27, 2017

Instead, we are beginning to recognize the image of the nuclear explosion for what it has always had the capacity to symbolize, the immense explosion of the human spirit into love and courage.

To “boldly go where no one has gone before,” to link arms and live without limits or creeds, to express all that we are capable of, do what we have never done — except, of course, those among us who are full of courage and love, and they are legion; they have held the space for the the rest of us all this time, quietly caring, loving all and everything, opening space for the best that is in us, for now and always.

Thank you Jon Rappoport, for this subtle and yet elemental —and yes, surprising! — post which, though unlike the others you compose as an endlessly fruitful investigative journalist, shows the immense caring from which the wellsprings of your imagination flow.



We are having a spiritual experience

by Jon Rappoport

April 26, 2018


Recent events, about which I won’t go into detail, have caused me to say, we are having a spiritual experience.

And we are learning what that experience is.

Certain people, extraordinary people, show us qualities that transcend life.

These qualities, courage and love.

In the common arena where we all live, there are sufferings, but we can see that certain people transcend that. They come here, not only with a message, but with how they live. And how they live is greater than this life.

These people—there are many more of them than we ordinarily suppose.

This spiritual experience we are having—it is something we are learning about. I want to repeat that, because I’m not talking about something that appears and then is final. We are, if we are aware, learning.

Courage and love transcend this life we are living in the common arena.

The person who has shown me that is my wife, Laura Thompson. I have been learning about her for the 21 years we have been married. I have been learning about the scope and nature of her courage and love.

It is not easy for a person to live in this world on the side of love. To travel this life with love results in disappointments. But to continue, despite what happens, no matter what the world says or does, is majestic and beautiful. It is also transcendent.

And that is the living proof that there is a spiritual experience beyond this life as we are living it.

I believe, no matter who you are, that you have known a person who embodies this living proof.

Here and now.

As we learn, we come across “divisions” between the life we are living and the greater live we perceive. A major part of the learning is accepting that division.

There is a resolution. We come to it by degrees.

There are strengths in both the life we are living and the greater life we glimpse, perceive, and experience.

We come across great souls. They may be invisible to us for a time, even as we respond to them. But in time, we see more of them and who they are. And as we do, we see ourselves—what we can be. We see that what we can be is a natural extension of what we presently are doing.

As for myself, even as I feel my greatest love for Laura, I know it is only a part of what I will feel, as I learn more, in this spiritual experience I’m having.

As I learn more about her. As I live my life next to hers and as we have our endless life together.

Veils lifted from the heart and mind and eyes.



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