Is the U.S. Military Already Obsolete?

First, back in 2014, I noticed a story about an American destroyer in the Black Sea, its electronics rendered useless by a flyover Russian jet:

What spooked the USS Donald Cook so much in the Black Sea?

Then, all the conflicting stories about how most Trump-ordered U.S. missiles against selected targets in Syria, both in 2017 and 2018, were rendered harmless.

Meanwhile, it’s assumed, by those who both love the military and those who hate it, that the U.S. economy is largely composed of and/or dependent on the military. And that the military is necessary, especially to protect the petrodollar, which seems to be fast collapsing. So if (when?) it collapses, what happens to the American economy, American Military Might?

The ever-gloomy Chris Hedges thinks he knows:

The End of Empire

Meanwhile, here’s a new twist on what is becoming an old old theme:

Empire Collapse: Russian Missile Tech Renders American Trillion Dollar Navy Obsolete 








Empire Collapse: Russian Missile Tech Renders Trillion Dollar American Navy Obsolete

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2 Responses to Is the U.S. Military Already Obsolete?

  1. Jean Hopkins says:

    If only we could get Lockheed-Martin to do away with the F35 bomber and create a more useful airplane to use for rescue operations during major weather storms, fires, etc. we might have a chance of saving ourselves and the rest of humanity on this earth.

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