Alt-Epistemology: Me, and you, and the “Deep State,” its puppet masters — or not!

Michael Salla, of, utilizing info from Qanon posts, offers one clear, overall perspective of the purse strings that pull the world’s puppet masters in this two part series. True? I have no idea. But it IS interesting.

Qanon on the Rothschild, Saudi, & Soros Puppet Masters Behind the Deep State, however, considers the Q phenomenon to be a psy-op. True? Again, I have no idea.

QAnon: The Inconvenient Truth | Part I [videos]

As ever, I ask to allow my mind to stretch to include contradictory approaches to info, as well as contradictory info, without thinking that I must “come down on one side or the other.” No. I don’t. Not unless the choice is right in front of me, a choice that determines the direction of my own personal life. In this case, it does not.

We, the people of the world, have our own very busy or leisurely lives to lead — though all the while, according to some, we are being subtly manipulated, or not!, by the so-called “elite” to frame our worlds up in their way.

But really, think about it.  Just how much does all this deep state baloney have to do with the living, conscious, breathing Earth, as she now pushes up her beautiful plants through the soil in response to Sun’s lengthening rays? Furthermore, how much does all this deep state baloney have to do with my own deeply interior sleeping/waking cycles, and the dreams I entertain in both states?

Answer, at least for me, NOT MUCH! And yet I do find myself fascinated, even so. So thank you, Dr. Salla, for paying close attention to these far-away matters, and for connecting dots, tying threads, and so on. And thank you aim4truth, for serving as noble opposition.

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