A.K. Reader: New E-Book, On the Road with This Vast Being (2007)

exopermacultureOn January 4, 2003, my husband Jeff died of a heart attack, after one semester, only three months after our move to Bloomington Indiana for him to attend law school. Living in a new town, I was able to spend the first year after he died mostly in solitude, in a process of what, even then, I recognized, and honored, as “conscious grieving.” As usual, for one who works through her feelings using language, I wrote down the details of my own wild, fluctuating, at times paranormal grieving process during that entire first year, during which time Jeff was ever-present.

Three years later, I collected these essays into an award-winning print book: This Vast Being: A Voyage through Grief and Exaltation.

Books in hand, I then took a two month road trip across the United States, mostly staying with friends, each of whom had agreed to both house me and serve as the local contact for a workshop on a subject very few of us are willing to address in ourselves: GRIEF.

This e-book is a day-to-day record of that transformative adventure.

On the Road with TVB


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