Will Hemp Save Civilization?

Judging from its proponents, it sure looks like it. Here’s Abby Martin on the subject, way back in 2013, after both Washington and Colorado were the first two states to decriminalize recreational marijuana  in 2012. And yes, hemp and marijuana are related, both subsets of the genus “cannabis.” Hemp is a species of cannabis sativa that is very low in “cannabinoids,” harvested for its seed and fiber.

And here’s an interview with someone who has been on the front lines of reversing the prohibitions against both marijuana and hemp. As marijuana legalization seeps back into the U.S. —


given a bump up late last week by President Trump’s announcement that put him at odds with Jeff Sessions —

Trump now backs marijuana “States Rights” bill, Senator Says

— so too, its related “cannabis” plant hemp may soon return to U.S. agriculture, raising the spectre, since hemp has so many many uses, of hemp monoculture. Oops!

The Truth about Hemp: An Interview with Chris Conrad

Meanwhile, I can attest to the remark that hemp clothing is nearly indestructible. I’ve had this color-faded hemp vest, for example, wearing it long and often, for at least 30 years.

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