A.K. Reader, New E-Book: DOING THE DISHES (1989)

exopermacultureFor a sample chapter, see this post, which I put up last month:

A.K. Reader: DOING THE DISHES: Refracting Personal History through the Lens of Daily Ritual

Just yesterday I finally managed to copyedit the manuscript, 65 pages long, and turn it into a pdf. I warn you: while the tale may look chaotic, each “Doing the Dishes” chapter revealing yet another unusual — even wild or chaotic! — situation, in actuality that’s not really surprising, given my unusually peripatetic life. What does surprise me now, at 75 years of age, is how I really am managing, over time, to weave all the threads of my complex, multidimensional life together into a rich fabric that feels not only quite comfortable, but decidedly luxurious!

Indeed, as I was saying to an old friend on her 76th birthday just the other day, IF we commit to consciously processing our experiences over time, i.e., really learning from each experience rather than endlessly repeating the same (ultimately boring!) patterns, then we approach the point where we not only understand why “that had to happen to me,” but we begin to actually relish the extraordinary coloration that a life well-lived reveals in the long run. In short, we move from feeling lost, confused, and mostly hating ourselves and/or others, to not only accepting ourselves and others, but fully treasuring the extraordinary mysterious aliveness that each of us expresses, inside our continuous awakening to this life’s infinitely intricate ramifications.





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