The Syria Conundrum: Pipeline Fight? Trump 4D Chess?

If there is any place on this good planet Earth that can be called a fulminating boil, it is the land of what we humans call The Mideast, that complicated, ancient crossroads of so-called civil-ization, where warring tribes, and their proxies, clash. As much as the land has been trampled upon and blood spilled, what lies underneath is deemed of most value still, in this military-industrial age of petrochemical stink. I’m sure you’ve heard about it: that the real reason for the recent strike in Syria (oh, what? It’s still going on? now with Israeli planes rather than U.S., England, France?) is the fight over pipelines.

Syria intervention plan fueled by oil interest, not chemical weapon concern

Oh, wait a minute. That article was from 2013! But has anything changed?


Then there’s Douglas Gabriel, of AIM4truth, his analysis, which is so complicated and tricky that he lost me very soon after beginning. And indeed, that may be the entire rationale for whatever is going on: make it so complicated that no one can understand! I do appreciate his conclusion, however, though I really have no idea how he arrived at it.

Then there’s what I would call Lionel Nation’s alt-epistemology, in which he opines, speaking of the Mideast, “The level of complexity is as deep as you want to go. You decide.” It appears that he is drawing the same conclusion as Douglas Gabriel, though I don’t want to sully my pristine mind with the “reasons.”

Along the same lines (I think!) is this article by Michael Salla.

Was Trump’s Missile Attack Part of Secret Plan to End Syria Conflict and Prevent War with Iran?

Notice that with all three choices, Douglas Gabriel, Lionel Nation, and Michael Salla, I’m still apparently betting on the 4D chess version of Donald Trump. Because, hey, why not? What have we got to lose? Well, indeed, everything. Cf. Pascal’s Wager re: the existence of God: better to believe than not to believe, because the consequences of not believing far outweigh those of believing.

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8 Responses to The Syria Conundrum: Pipeline Fight? Trump 4D Chess?

  1. Anthony says:

    Ugh! Yet more ‘analysts’ giving their insights about the great muddle east!! And each one only further muddying the waters as they reveal their facts – but like you, I can’t stop reading articles and watching videos!!

    I guess as long as we have 3-D bodies and minds we will always be looking for answers, though we both know we can’t find them at this level. Maddening!! But necessary too!

    But hey, I had my OWN insight the other night! Consider these facts:

    1. the Earth’s magnetic poles are now actively in the process of switching places, which leads to:
    2. more earthquakes;
    3. more volcanism;
    4. more cosmic rays and solar effects affecting the Earth’s surface.

    5. political struggles the world over;
    6. economic trade wars;
    7. identity and race crises;
    8. battles over medicine; vaccines; GMO’s…basically every single facet of worldly existence!

    It all adds up to CHAOS! In fact, as a scientist, what it reminds me of is the turbulence that occurs during “phase transitions” of states of matter.

    For example: when you boil water, as it reaches the boiling point, it starts to violently roil and bubble, and it doesn’t stop until it has all changed form – to steam.

    Could the same thing be happening to humanity? Are we in the process of a “phase transition” – say, from 3-D to…4-D?

    It also reminds me of the story of the “churning of the milk” from the ancient Indian Vedas:

    Could this be what is going on now? A complete melt-up of all that is humanity, a purifying, an alchemical process like that which produces the “philosopher’s stone”; the “Holy Grail” of existence?

    HellifIknow!!! But I think if we can just HOLD ON, we might just see some magic happen yet!

    Take care!

  2. rose day says:

    Thank you Anthony for the wonder-filled food for thought and the ultimate optimism and thank you Ann for the share!

  3. Anthony says:

    …and the synchronicities continue!! I just read this article, and it explains more of what I am seeing:

    No “matter” how things go, change is upon us; and though it may look hopeless at times, in the end it will all be good. As many general managers of rebuilding sports teams always say, “Trust the process!”

    And thanks for posting my ramblings, Ann!

    (I am enjoying your sharing of your past BTW – WOW, you have packed in, like, several lives all in one!!)

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      “several lives . . .” AT LEAST! You’d think I’d be exhausted. But I think what leads to exhaustion is refusing to take risks, pushing beyond where one has already gone . . .

      • Anthony says:

        Yes, taking risks is a BIG part of it. I’m twenty years younger than you, but even so, I’m not even in your ballpark when it comes to taking risks!!

        But as for why you aren’t exhausted or worn-out, and are *still* open to taking risks? (I mean, come on, face it: going to Russia last year, in the face of all the crap going on bt, the US and USSR these last few years?!) I think you know how to accept and deal with whatever ‘karma’ you encounter/create, and discharge it completely. And your writings show this.

        Ever hear of Gurdjieff? Casteneda? You have mastered the art of ‘recapitulation’ – that is, going over what you have experienced in great detail to take in the lessons you needed to learn and processing the emotions associated with them, then moving on. You accept what happens and acknowledge your part in things honestly and completely, and don’t let anything weigh you down. That is a RARE skill, and it continues to serve you well, at least from where I sit.

        Trust me, Ann: anyone truly reading your writings on your past is taking notes, and is THANKFUL for it. A life truly lived, and truly SHARED, is priceless!! I wish I could buy some of it!!

        • Ann Kreilkamp says:

          Thank you so much! The ART OF RECAPITULATION. That’s it. I had not named it. And now you have. Gurdjieff and Casteneda? They were both under my pillow in my 20s. Trust me, the best years are ahead for YOUR recapitulation. Now that I’m beginning the descending half of the third cycle of Saturn, RECAPITULATION takes center stage. And what a rich rich stew my long life has conjured! So grateful.

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