Re: Military Strikes on/in Syria . . .

Woke up at 2 A.M., checked in on Twitter. What a fool! As if I could sleep the rest of the night!

So, military strikes on/in Syria. What are we to make of it? No idea, but here are some initial thoughts.

First, Bombard’s Body Language kinda sorta had an inkling of what was coming:

Then last night, her analysis of Trump’s statement,

ends with this statement: “Well, this is depressing. Your new puppet.”

Do I “be-lie-ve” her? No idea. Of course, I’d rather not. Would rather still be-lie-ve that Trump is playing 4D chess, that Putin’s in on the game, that as Jordan Sather opined, these strikes may have actually been on Deep State targets.

Geopolitical analyst Lada Ray, on the other hand, was/is furious.

URGENT: US, UK and France are Bombing Syria! How will Russia respond?

Possible background context to take into consideration here:

From Skipral to Syria: The Empire’s ‘New Realities’ Are Reaching the End of the Road

Meanwhile, it will likely get “worse” before it gets better, or, maybe I should say, the implications of what just happened will deepen considerably over the next little while —  IF the astrology of NOW (with Mars approaching Pluto, Sun approaching Uranus, And Mars/Pluto squaring Sun/Uranus: see yesterday’s post) is at all meaningful. Which, I dare say, it unfortunately is.

I like Kauilapele’s advice:

Today’s (4-13-18) “Event” in Syria… “Hold the Light for this planet” and “I suggest all refrain from ‘freaking out’ about it” (Hey, that’s MSM’s job)



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