The astrology of Mid-April through Mid-May shifts the landscape in ways impossible to predict.

Amidst all the hoopla — pant, pant — about either drumbeats to nuclear war or “mass arrests” of all the perps supposedly identified in, what is it now, 26,000 indictments (I won’t bother to give links, as they can all be contradicted; so much for the epistemological state of affairs in April 2018); amidst all this, we come to Friday the 13th . . . oooo! aaaaah! Amidst the many murky origin stories about this storied, inauspicious date, let me add one more, the fact that “Friday” is associated with the German goddess Frigge, or Freya, and the number “13” has long been associated with female energy, due to its association with the Moon, thirteen Moons in one year. And of course, its symbolism has many many interpretations otherwise.

So far as I know, “we” have not yet lit the fuse for World War III in Syria.

And at least the major perps, including HRC, are still walking around free.

Oh my, this appearance of warmongering, as well as “mass arrests” is all so familiar!

Okay, let’s look at the astrology of this time, again. Today, just now, for example — remember how I predicted in my Spring Equinox post that Mars would be revving hostilities up over the coming days and weeks as it crossed a number of crucial points in the zodiac? Well, here we are today:

Mars, at 14°50 Capricorn is now past Saturn and on its way to Pluto, moving about one degree every two days, and tending to act a bit in advance of exactness —

—where it will also square Sun which is now, at 23°39 Aries, moving one degree per day, on its way to Uranus at 28°12 Aries.

So, what do we make of all this eruptive, flashing energy? Well, I’d say that we need to keep doing tonglen breathing, and keep focusing intently on whatever it is that each of us is perfectly situated, by both instinct and training, to do locally as we continue to move the world in the direction of peaceful cooperation rather than contemptuous collision.

Meanwhile, a number of planetary energies, besides Mars, are due to make big changes within the next little while, for example:

  1. Mercury, still Rx, turns SD and resumes forward motion on April 15, at 4°47 Aries; it will then cross back over the area that has been shadowed by Rx motion until early May. So, basically, we’re still “working through” whatever decisions about whatever important matter needs attending.
  2. Saturn, which has been moving forward since late August 2017, will turn to go Rx at 9°08 Capricorn on April 17, to resume going over old ground until early September 2018. Remember, Saturn is on its way towards Pluto, also in Capricorn. All the rumblings about deep changes in the world’s financial system and other structural (r)evolutions in global civilization are due to begin to have massive impact from that time on, 2019-2020.
  3. Possibly even of more import, Chiron leaves Pisces for Aries, also on April 17th. Chiron’s  51-year cycle includes more time in Aries than any other sign. Known as “the healer,” hopefully it will begin to heal (transform from bluster to true courage) all that has been stirred up by Uranus’s 7-year passage through Aries, and its conjunction with Eris. Here’s Eric Francis on this momentous shift and what it might portend.

BTW: Note the difference in cycle lengths between Mercury (88 days), Saturn (30 years), and Chiron (50-51 years). Since Saturn moves so very much more slowly than Mercury, the times when it turns to go either forward or backward carry much more import, and in fact for a few days both before and after the change time will feel very Saturnine (stuck, or decisive, conclusive, etc.) Likewise, Chiron’s shift from Pisces into Aries is yuge!

4.  Pluto will turn to go RX at 21°17 Capricorn on April 22, which will lend a primal (death and rebirth) Plutonian tone to the entire week before and after this change. Again, note Pluto’s cycle length (248 years), to even begin to fathom its deep meaning in the collective mind. (The longer the cycle, the more unconscious we tend to be of how it is working on us and through us, all together, as one.)

In other words, between April 15th and April 22, four big changes — to Mercury, Saturn, Chiron, and Pluto — taken together, will tend to toss all our settled opinions, among other things, into the air. And if that weren’t enough, all these changes lead up the big kahuna, when Uranus leaves Aries after seven years on May 16th, and moves into Taurus, slowing things down, hopefully, and possibly also making the ground of the human psyche more attuned to permaculture! — but also portending earth changes. More on that later.




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