Reflections on Current Cultural Perceptions: Your Trump, my Trump, our Trump?

Internet down at home. Technician doesn’t come until tomorrow. At a nearby coffee shop now, because I did want to post two articles I found late yesterday; both for deep background reading re: the appearance of current warmongering in Syria.

The first, from Dmitri Orlov:


The Importance of Looking Dangerous

and the second from The Saker:

The Russians Are Flabbergasted

On the other hand, maybe all this folderol is “just for show;” maybe Trump and Putin (and Xi?) are working together, trolling the world. Check this out. Sorry type is so small, but I had to read it that way too!


Meanwhile, I watched a Netflix documentary series (four hours) on Trump over the past few nights. And yes, it’s somewhat of a hit job on Trump (easy to do!), but undeniably fascinating, nonetheless.

An American Dream

I do still think Trump is undergoing a process of evolution throughout his lifetime. That his brash predatory capitalist origins are giving way to a larger cooperative vision that includes the whole. Am I crazy to think that? Naive? Perhaps. However, I’ve known plenty of people — including myself! — who have undergone or are presently undergoing, such an evolutionary process, moving from “service to self” to “service to others” over time, as life’s lessons are learned and larger perspectives are gained.

Working with only archival footage, I find it fascinating to watch his face and body language change through the decades, and frankly, have noticed that in the past few months, more and more news sources are displaying photographs of Trump’s head that, rather than being caricatures of the flying orange mane and pouty lips, making him look chaotic or insane, are instead, positively “presidential”! Carrying the weight of the world, he is, while fending off spies and enemies from all sides. This is no comic book. Trump displays, in real life, depending on how you view him, either “Superhero” or “Supervillain” status. Or both! One in the process of morphing into the other. Possible? Is his famous killer instinct truly morphing into world savior? Stay tuned.


And, let us remember. In actuality, he’s not saving anybody but himself. Nor are any of us saving anybody but ourselves. Remember: we all have a predatory killer instinct; it’s drummed into us from the time we were born, at least equal to the idea of “sharing our toys.” Me me me! Me first! is the motto of American educational system. Be the best, get the top grades, go to the best schools, get the best job, make the most money, achieve the highest class status, with the most and biggest stuff, etc. None of us are immune to western capitalist programming.

The question is, when we “have it all,” like Trump does, in the material world, then what? Could it be that, at this point in his long life, he really is here for the whole?

Like we all need to be, while recognizing that the center of the self is where the action is? 


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4 Responses to Reflections on Current Cultural Perceptions: Your Trump, my Trump, our Trump?

  1. Anthony says:

    Hey Anne,

    since you are going to such great lengths to occupy your 3-D “monkey mind” trying to figure out Trump and the world scene (and I’m doing the same!), I thought you’d enjoy this link:

    This guy (Ken is his name) is kind of whack, but he sometimes comes across some really interesting information. Laura Bruno publicly excoriated him for being a misogynist (and rightfully so), but he does have insight into the “overall plan” for the world that makes some sense to me. Anyway, if you enjoyed that link, here’s two more with links to what he sees as the overall picture that he wrote some time ago:

    His predictions are usually woefully wrong, but he IS entertaining!!

    take care,


    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I used to visit his site, but decided that he’s so damned cynical that it was doing me no good! But I will revisit, at least briefly, at your suggestion! Thanks.

      • Anthony says:

        Oh, I hear you! And his posts can be annoying because he’s constantly updating them several times a day, so you need to reload the page every time you go there. But he does present some viewpoints that make one think, and he digs up stuff that is really interesting at times.

        And BTW, I’m a scientist by nature so I do tend to proffer maybe a bit too much data at times…but I trust your intuition to lead you to the nuggets without wasting too much time 🙂

  2. Kieron says:

    It’s hard to miss how Captain America here looks pregnant. Pregnant with what?

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