How do we respond to current warmongering?

Well, first, we remember that it was predicted. For example, looking at the Spring Equinox chart, I predicted fireworks, starting around April Fools Day, again mid-April (NOW), and continuing through Mid-May.

Happy Spring Equinox?! Get ready for fireworks, before April Fools Day

Next, we remember that, as General Smedley famously said in 1933, WAR IS A RACKET.

Luckily, more and more of us are on to the “war” scam that tries to pump us up with adrenalin so that we will go along with whatever “they” have planned to get more weapons made, sold, and profited from while killing off more and more “useless eaters.”

So what about Trump? Is he on to the war scam? Not sure. It doesn’t look like it, given his recent installation of neocon warmonger John Bolton. Despite his instincts, is he being pulled along into their latest war plan, this one designed, perhaps, to bring on Armageddon?

For guess what? On Tuesday, April 3, Trump first announced that he wanted to pull out of Syria, a remark that was followed by a supposed chemical weapons attack in Syria the very next day, April 4, and which has inspired all sorts of news, fake news, fear, fear-mongering, on and on, including the Russians saying it never happened, others saying Israel did it, or the U.S. did it, or used Israel to do it, and now, lots of nasty prep for some kind of military(?) response from the U.S. NATO, etc. All of which reminds me of a post I put up two days ago:

Trump versus? the Deep State — in Syria. FLASHPOINT and healing practice.

Again, I would say that the most potent individual spiritual response is to practice TONGLEN breathing —

— while remaining focused on the direction you personally would like to see the world take in order to heal. Set your intention in that direction, and then ask: what am I personally called to do? What actions am I, personally, meant to take now? What project, locally, is calling me? It’s time to let go of fear, move into love, and ACT, with full on individual expression, for the benefit of the whole.

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