Trump versus? the Deep State — in Syria. FLASHPOINT and healing practice.

If it is indeed true that Trump remarked only days ago that he wants to pull troops out of Syria,

Syrian Showdown: Trump Versus the Generals

— and yet, he hired well known war hawk Bolton . . .

Army Major Fears Trump and Bolton Will Enable A “New War to Put All Others to Shame”

— and guess what, within 24 hours of Trump saying he wants to pull out, there was another Syrian gas attack supposedly done by Assad . . .


— which sends Trump into warmaking fervor?


Trump Threatens Putin, “Animal Assad,” over Syria’s “Chemical Attack”: Russia Warns of “Grave Response” if U.S. Launches Strike

Or is that back channel with Putin still intact, and all this a mere show, to keep the deep state dogs off Trump’s back as he maneuvers warmongering generals and new white house advisors in directions they do not yet understand.

I.e., is, or is not, Trump playing 4D chess?

Brandon Turbeville doesn’t think so. Thinks Trump, despite his instincts, has caved, again.

When The President Wants To Leave Syria And The Deep State Doesn’t

exopermacultureThis latest flashpoint in the mideast hornets’ nest as transit Mars at 12° completes crossing of transit  Saturn at 9° Capricorn, and  begins to close in on transit Pluto at 21° which today, this morning, with reactions to the Syrian gas attack announcement current, conjuncts the Moon at 22° Capricorn. All these Capricorn planets are also in a tense square to Sun at 18° Aries and Uranus at 27° Aries. Conclusion? An extremely volatile time on planet earth.


How to help heal?

Center yourself.

Do Tonglen breathing.



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