Re: De-[Digital]-VICES

For we who are hopelessly addicted to digital devices, questions: First and foremost: When was the last time I read a printed book all the way through? Is my brain already reconfigured to mesh with A.I.? Is it possible to still determine my own direction, or are any possible directions decided for me. I.e., can I access the quantum field, or am I held in some kind of grid or matrix, despite my protestations otherwise.

Thanks to Lance via Twitter.

More extended:

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  1. Hi Ann–I clicked on Philosopher’s Stone here on your blog. Today saw a video
    from David Icke re: 5 G frequency and what it means, and it’s affects, and it’s
    very disturbing. Have you seen this? I would like your comments if you don’t mind.
    Thank you.

  2. Hi!-Will have to forget that look up. I checked out Tonglen breathing, thanks.

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