Green Acres Village: We hold a “rooting ceremony”

On March 27, our newest resident, Nathan, asked us to join him for a “rooting ceremony.” He had planned it for a few weeks, to include the planting of a service berry bush, signifying his desire to be of service, and a new name. Rather than Nathan, he asked us to learn to call him Solan, from Sol, which means Sun, that which coaxes all plants up from the soil to bloom.

Here we are, between the smaller greenhouse and the tomato patch, chicken coop and yard beyond. This was the spot he chose, visioning it to function as a small contemplative space for anyone to sit on the bench for awhile in silence.

In order, first Nathan, now Solan, talked about the ceremony of rooting; then, with Rebecca’s help, he dug a hole, put compost in it, and the service berry bush, rooted it into the soil; and finally, Dan and Alex picked up an extra bench from near the patio and brought it over. It took awhile to get the bench level, including Dan stomping on one end. But then, ah, finally, Rebecca sat down.

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