Possible Interpretations of John Bolton pick, Omnibus Bill signing, SES structure, function — and take down?


If, like me, you were flummoxed and disheartened by both Trump’s pick of neocon John Bolton, and his signing of the Omnibus bill; plus, if you are astonished by the SES (Senior Executive Services) revelation, which appears to  constitute the deep structure of the deep state — nearly 9000 Executives who are traded back and forth among fed govt agencies and given enormous salaries for life, all chosen by 500 lawyers in the Justice Department — then these two videos might help. They were my middle-of-the-night picks, and glad for both of them.

The first one is one of many many that I very much appreciate from aim4truth.org.

The next is Jerome Corsi’s latest, correctly dated, from yesterday.

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