“News” sources gradually morph . . .

Though I’ve always called myself an “Independent,” in the past I skewed towards progressive, leftist, liberal.

What happened to me that I completely switched allegiance? Or was it the left that changed? See Roseanne, on Jimmy Kimmel show.


Somehow — since Trump’s ascendancy? —  the “party” I used to at least partly identify with has turned rabidly hateful, even vicious. And the news sources I used to rely on have mostly gone kaput, at least in my mind.

Instead, I am now, for the past several months, finding myself devoted to twitter! And working to fine tune those I “subscribe” to therein.

BTW: I still do pay attention to sott.net and zerohedge. And stateofthenation, sometimes. Once in awhile I check back in to activistpost, and truthdig, though less and less.

I tend to trust Jordan Sather’s  intuition. In fact, I’ll stop here to watch today’s . . .

And/or: check this woman out (what is her name??): you are free tv.

And yes, I watch for “Qanon” posts, and trust Jerome Corsi to decode them, though all the pirated, misdated videos infuriate me. Just today, in his livestream with CBTS, they’re finally talking about this problem, and moving to remedy it. GOOD!

All in all, my “news sources” are admittedly hit and miss. Yet, in this era when more and more people realize that the single story line MSM is not only fake news, and has proved itself as an agent of the deep state, while alt-media bloggers and citizen journalists proliferate wildly, with as many different perspectives, isn’t “hit and miss” true for everyone?

Meanwhile, our new national hero/clown, Trump, who I would still like to think mostly has this nation’s long term interests at heart (though trampling horribly upon the environment), has brought in arch warmonger neocon John Bolton to replace McMaster. Why oh why?

Most of us who pay attention to how quickly and seemingly strategically heads roll in and out of the White House, have begun to realize that people are there for a specific job, and when it’s done, they’re out. At least that’s what I’d like to think about Bolton. That his presence will make sure that North Korea and Iran, nations this Empire arrogantly deem “rogue,” know the U.S. “means business.” Take that last quote in at least two senses.

Alt-epistemology would have me staying detached no matter what happens. But I must admit, I’m not detached!

And take that remark in two senses as well. Both a current internal inability to stay “above it all,” and an external inability to disconnect, given the surveillance state. As per this cartoon put up by kim dotcom, yep, on twitter:



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2 Responses to “News” sources gradually morph . . .

  1. Kieron says:

    “… I used to at least partly identify with has turned rabidly hateful, even vicious.” There’s no innocent party anywhere: all sides do this nowadays. It’s like we’re purging all the bile stored in the body politic since forever, and it’s all being vomited up for our review. Meanwhile, puerile “news and views” are paraded like they’re the wisdom of the ages. As for me, I sigh and look up at the stars and wonder what’s out there, wondering why the hell I agreed to come back here.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yeah, I felt that way for a long time, and there is still that yearning. BUT: It really helped me to ground into a specific place, here, Green Acres Permaculture Village. And to fully recognize Earth as our partner in uniting with the cosmos. That insight came in thick and strong while traveling in wild Siberia last summer.

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